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REAL GEEK GIRLS: Social Media Manager & Writer Cyrille Antonio

The goal of my “Real Geek Girls” series is to show the world that girls truly can be geeky. For some, that seems like an obvious observation, but there’s always that one person, almost always a guy, who will talk about how girls are fake geeks who don’t know what they’re talking. Girls are just doing it look cool and lure in geek guys. They don’t know what it’s all about when it comes to “geek culture” and they’re somehow just there to be admired by geek guys. I’m here to let the world know that girls DO know what we’re talking about. We can be and we ARE just as geeky as the guys. Every now and again, I’ll interview a new geek girl just to highlight how many of us are out there, how real we are all. We come in all shapes and sizes, and love a many number of geeky things. I’m going to show the world that there are real geek girls, and they know as much, if not more, than the somehow more revered geek guy.

Meet Cyrille Antonio. She’s a social media loving, geeky girl who is a huge Benedict Cumberbatch lover. She’s also a writer and has her own site, which you can visit here. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I recently interviewed her and learned a lot more about her geekiness! Check it out below:


Credit: Cyrille Antonio.
Credit: Cyrille Antonio.


What does being a geek mean to you?

I’ve read the past entries and seen what all of these girls have said and I couldn’t have said it better myself. It all comes down to passion. Being a geek means you’re completely, utterly and hopelessly (it’s a good thing) passionate about something. You can be a sports geek, tech geek, foodie geek, you name it. You’re embracing something and you’re completely unapologetic about it. It also means being okay with crying through the first few minutes of the last Harry Potter movie – and I mean even before the title logo shows up.

There are almost always people out there who think girls are faking being geek, what’s your take on this?

Being a geek isn’t a ‘Boys Only Club’. It should be a community of people who have a shared passion for something that no one else might understand.

I guess what these people don’t realize is that geek girls have been around for a long time. Many think it’s a trend but it’s not. I did an article for Geekpr0n a while back on Westercon in the 1980s and a lot of the cosplay were from some really rad ladies.

Furthermore, geeks aren’t “One Size Only” and shows like the Big Bang Theory are really poor interpretations of the community. Why can’t girls who look like Penny be nerds too?

I remember when I was sitting on the bus and the two guys behind me started talking about my Marvel comics shirt. They kept whispering, albeit very loudly, that I probably didn’t even know any of the characters on my shirt. I let it slide until I heard them talking about The Wolverine movie and how they were so stoked to watch it. Before I got up to leave, I turned around at the two guys and spoiled the ending AND the mid-credits scene.

TL; DR: Don’t be a jerk. Geek culture is not exclusive to people who you want to look or act a certain way.

What made you interested in the digital content strategist world?

Among many things, I consider myself a social media geek. I appreciate a good selfie and no one should ever tell you otherwise. We live in a society where people want us to be okay with ourselves and how we look and then turn on a switch and complain when we post a picture of ourselves on a good hair day.

I love how connected we are with social media. I can talk to people from anywhere in the world right in a device that’s in the palm of my hand. I can see what people see on the opposite side of the globe. Yes, we’re jealous but some people don’t have the luxury of traveling to those places and it might be the closest that they get to the real thing. Of course like with many things, social media is best in moderation. If you’re completely aware that your phone may be disconnecting you from the people around you, it’s best to put the phone down.

I first got interested in the business uses of social media during my last year of school. I essentially started using my twitter as a brand for myself and opened up my first blog. Being my own boss meant I had creative control and I was able to write whatever I wanted. When I found out that I could use my skills for an actual job, it was like that scene in Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone when Harry held his wand for the first time. It was an eye opener.

In your opinion, what’s the best form of social media for geek girls out there to show off their love of whatever they love?

JUST ONE?! The four major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr) are all great in their own way!

Facebook is great for cosplayers and bloggers. You can share your process on a costume to not only your friends and family but everyone else. Bloggers can share their own posts on the page without spamming your friends’ timelines.

Instagram is another great tool for cosplayers because it’s another way to share your work and your process. Instagram’s also great for collectors. They can always share their latest purchases or their collection. Some people have entire rooms filled with memorabilia, it’s amazing.

Twitter is great – mostly for the live tweeters and the people who love to talk! Seeing the real time reactions to jaw dropping moments in television are some of the best tweets I’ve ever come across. You can literally have an open discussion with anyone seeing your tweets.

Tumblr is great for anyone that appreciates the gif. Tumblr people, at least the people I follow, are incredibly hilarious and passionate. These are the people that can create such an amazing backstory on a small piece of detail that no one else would’ve noticed.

You’re a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fan, what’s your favorite role of his? Favorite film of his?

I first got into the ‘Batch when I came across the BBC version of Sherlock, which at the time was going into it’s second series. I was in this huge phase of absorbing as much British programming as possible – my YouTube history was filled with segments and scenes from Misfits, Little Britain and Doctor Who.

But it was the riding crop scene of A Study in Pink that really sold me to Benedict Cumberbatch. To save my boyfriend from rolling his eyes, let me just tell you that the thoughts were very NSFW.

I really loved his role as Stephen Hawking in the biopic, Hawking. He’s not only incredibly handsome but he’s also such a great actor and you can see his passion in every role he plays. Another movie I really enjoyed watching him in was Star Trek Into Darkness. His voice was like music to my ears and that deleted shower scene? Gimme a sec, I’ve got to fan myself.

You see two doors…behind one of them is Benedict Cumberbatch & behind the other door is 2 million dollars, and you have no idea which is behind each door. What would be your strategy for which door to pick?

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I would be able to even pick a door! I get anxious really easily and I start fidgeting like a chihuahua. Knowing that Benedict Cumberbatch is behind one of those doors, I’d probably start crying and hyperventilating.

He seems like a genuinely nice and caring person that eventually he’d hear my uncontrollable sobbing, feel bad for me and walk out one of the doors.

Come to think of it, that’s a pretty good strategy.

You also contribute to a few sites with writing, what do you usually write about?

I have two blogs: one as a professional portfolio and the other as a personal blog. The former is usually event coverages for conventions or the Game of Thrones exhibit last spring. I’m slowly starting to get back into writing blog entries with better content. Hopefully in the new year, I can start vlogging daily video diaries and sharing that one my website, who knows! The latter, the personal blog, is as simple as it sounds. I rarely post on that one unless its something I just want to get off my chest. Writing on that blog is more beneficial for me then for the public.

I also write for Geekpr0n and I pretty much cover any topic. Right now I’m writing recaps for The Walking Dead but if there’s something involving casting news, cosplay, movies or tech/science – I’m all for it! Most of the time, I manage the site’s social media presence. So most of the tweets or Facebook posts you guys see from Geekpr0n are almost always from me!

Are you into cosplay? Any favorite characters you like to dress as?

I love cosplay! I wish I had the time, effort and money to make costumes. I dressed up as Harley Quinn in 2008 for my first Fan Expo, Mary Marvel in 2009 Fan Expo, the T.A.R.D.I.S in 2013 for Toronto ComiCon and Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers just this past summer for Fan Expo! It was my first couples cosplay (my S.O dressed up Jimmy Pesto Jr.), which was fun! I guess I’d consider my Halloween costume this year a cosplay too – I went as a sugar skull version of Harley Quinn. I would love to make an Ame-Comi Mary Marvel costume one day or even a Zatanna costume!

I wouldn’t even mind cosplaying as a genderbend John Watson considering that my boyfriend looks like Benedict Cumberbatch (yes, HUGE plus for me). He got stopped one time cause someone thought he was cosplaying as Sherlock.

Is there anything you’re working on right now or in the future you’d like us to know about?

For the new year, I want to start doing daily vlogs. I’d film myself every day of the week and just compress them all on one video on YouTube. I’ve been thinking about vlogging for a while but I just couldn’t build up the confidence for it. There’s been so many topics and content that’s already been published that I didn’t want to seem repetitive. At least with daily vlogs I can still create my own content and give people an insight on my daily life!

What’s your advice to all the geek girls out there who are embarrassed or afraid to show off their geekiness?

I didn’t fully embrace my geekiness until sometime after high school. I was so concerned with fitting in that I changed a lot about myself. It actually wasn’t even until my first convention visit that I saw so many girls who were as passionate for things as I was. Halfway through college, I became the Geek Girl and I had never been prouder of that label.

I’ve been fortunate to have very supportive parents who understand my passion for my fandoms. Surround yourself with people who may not be likeminded but supporting and caring.

Never be sorry for things you love. If you don’t know anyone in your area that might have the same passions as you, the internet and sites like Tumblr and FanFiction sites are perfect places to start!

Credit: Cyrille Antonio.
Credit: Cyrille Antonio.



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