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Oscar Watching: We’ve Only Just Begun

The “official” kickoff of the awards season may have been last week, but it more or less showed us that Robert Duvall, Chris Rock, and Shailene Woodley will hit the campaign trail harder than we expected…

Regardless, the awards part of awards season kicks off over the next two weeks. Rosario Dawson and Diego Luna announce the Independent Spirit Award nominees – which have correlated rather well with certain Oscar races in recent years – next Tuesday. The New York Film Critics Circle (NYFCC) gets to claim, “First!” in the Oscar-prognostication game yet again, since their members vote on the year’s best on Dec. 1.

In the name of shameless self-promo, you can check out more detailed Oscar musings (that admittedly need some updating) over at my blog, Awards and Such. Keep in mind that my predictions there and on Screen Invasion might differ, given that I will update both at different times – I’ll update my Screen Invasion picks once a week; I’ll most likely update my blog picks at different intervals.

Do we have a front-runner for best picture?

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