Must-Have Collectible: Iron Man Mark 2 Scale Maquette

It has been announced that another one of Iron Man’s suits has been made into a collectible: The Mark 2!

The Mark 2 scale maquette stands at 26 inches. The suit is presented  on a Stark Industries gantry base where he’s getting ready to be fully deployed and put to the test. The silver suit is finished with a high gloss metallic paint application and also has light-up features in the eye, chest and palm repulsers.


Cool right?

Here is the description from Sideshow Collectibles,

Teaming up with Legacy Effects Studio, the special FX masters behind every Iron Man film, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to bring you the ultimate screen-accurate representation of Tony’s first advanced prototype armor. Fully deployed and ready to be put to the test, the Mark II stands an incredible 26” tall on an impressive Stark Industries gantry base. Destined to one day become a true war machine, the sleek silver suit is crafted with premium grade polystone, finished with a high gloss metallic paint application, and brilliant light-up features in the eyes, chest and palm repulsors. Displayed along with a decorative ‘Iron Man Mark II’ nameplate, this dynamic statue is an incredible addition to any Hall of Armor. Just be sure to steer clear of high altitudes…

The Mark 2 scale maquette is priced at $479.99To take a look at the Mark 2 or the other Iron Man suits, go HERE

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