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Johnny Ketchum’s Top 20 SNES Games


[tps_title]19. Legend of the Mystical Ninja[/tps_title]
Released in June, 1992
Price: $22.99-$114.95

When I think about my childhood, I remember myself having a ninja costume from Halloween that I put on to pretend I was a ninja all the time. When I saw this game in Blockbuster one weekend I knew it was the game for me. A couple of times, I was able to play this game with my dad or uncle but most of the time I either watched them or played alone. This game excelled when it came to two players. On co-op you get to play as both main characters Goemon, and Ebisumaru. Well, in Japan that is. Everywhere else they were Kid Ying and Dr. Yang, but whatever right? 

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