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Johnny Ketchum’s Top 20 SNES Games


[tps_title]02. Yoshi’s Island[/tps_title]
Released in October, 1995
Price: $20.00-$66.00

Ah man, so this was actually tough. I loved Super Mario World so much, but when Yoshi’s Island came out that all changed. It most definitely helped that it came out on my birthday, and all I did was play the game that day. It’s absolutely an adorable game, the color choices used to make everything look as if it was a coloring book, the music, even the enemies were adorable! One thing that wasn’t adorable, and is probably one of my most hated things in a video game, is baby Mario. When you lose baby Mario, he instantly starts crying… It’s an instant panic, you immediately want to shut him up. Yet, sometimes he floats off too far and incredibly hard to get him! Now you’re scrambling and frustrated, and then he’s gone–what a bunch of crap! That one thing always frustrated me, but I still beat the game and had a lot of fun with it.

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