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Johnny Ketchum’s Top 20 SNES Games

illusion of gaia

[tps_title]06. Illusion of Gaia[/tps_title]
Released in September, 1994
Price: $19.00-$50.00

This game is weirdly another game I received and got a t-shirt that was way too big for me–wish I still had that. Anyway, I always enjoyed this game a lot back then, but one thing I always found silly was the main characters name–Will. As a child, it just always reminded me of Will Smith which I know is goofy, but hell…I was a kid. I actually haven’t played this one in quite some time, so my memory is a bit foggy. I remember a scene where the ship you’re on crashes. You’re with the girl you save on a piece of the ship, and that is where a moment of romance sparks between the two. That was pretty awesome but I was a sucker for that.

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