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Johnny Ketchum’s Top 20 SNES Games


[tps_title]09. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time[/tps_title]
Released in August, 1992
Price: $42.00-$102.00

When I was a lad, like most ’80s kids, I loved the crap out of TMNT. My parents even had a video of me jumping on their bed screaming the lyrics to the theme song while wearing TMNT pj’s and a Raph bandana over my face. No one will ever see that and this isn’t about my childhood here… I’m talking about Turtles in Time–the greatest arcade port to console of that time! Nothing is really lost from the port, which is a great thing! I used to always play this game at Godfather’s Pizza before owning it on SNES, and I’ve never been disappointed about no longer losing quarters.

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