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Johnny Ketchum’s Top 20 SNES Games

zombies ate my neighbors

[tps_title]11. Zombies Ate My Neighbors[/tps_title]
Released in September, 1993
Price: $30.00-$64.00

As I’ve said before, I’m a huge fan of horror–as a child that mostly included monsters and zombies. When my cousin presented this game to me, looking at the box art I only knew one thing… I need to save my neighbors! We would play this game for hours, yet never beat the game. It’s just so tough! Now as an adult, I’ve mostly played alone and feels a hundred times harder. I once started a band with a friend trying to use Zombies Ate My Neighbors as our name. We found out immediately a horrible Emo band on MySpace was using it, so we retaliated by renaming ourselves Wookiees Ate My Neighbors… We weren’t too clever.

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