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Johnny Ketchum’s Favorite Rockstar Games

When I played Grand Theft Auto V, I came to the realization that Rockstar Games has done something awesome. Something I haven’t noticed with any other company. They’ve used everything that has improved their games up to this point in GTA V. Honestly I mean everything, I hear a lot about the shooting being a bit weird, but honestly it’s no different from Red Dead Redemption how I see it. It’s not the best thing ever, but it’s definitely improved over the years. But honestly, Rockstar should be proud of GTA V solely because how much they’ve learned to get to this point.

While playing GTA V, I reminisced on Rockstar Games past, my quick visit to the Rockstar New York building, and the things their games have done to be both cinematic and action packed. So, what better way is there to do this than compile a list of some of my favorite Rockstar games! I’m only listing eight because I don’t want to list multiple games from the same series. Oh, and I’m not gonna talk about Oni or Smuggler’s Run, or Midnight Club for that matter. Sorry in advance.

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