GOTHAM “Harvey Dent” Recap

GOTHAM has had a pretty solid run in these first several weeks as Fall TV’s best new show, but this week the show followed the age-old adage: one step forward, two steps back. For the first time in its inaugural season, Gotham had a bad outing. And it’s hard to say if its the fact that they are trying to introduce too many Batman villains and elements in this first season, or if someone in the writers room fears that Ben McKenzie can’t carry this show on his shoulders, so they fear fan backlash if we don’t get enough new Batman references with each episode. Everyone needs to calm down: McKenzie is a badass Jim Gordon, but this show is starting to get a bit overcrowded with the Bat-mythos.

This week we had the introduction of Harvey Dent. A young, brash, assistant district attorney who, like Gordon, wants to save the city of Gotham. Wielding his iconic coin, Dent was shown using it to make some important decisions before uncharacteristically going sideways and threatening a local crime boss. Dent was never a true hothead, at least not early on in his career, and this departure with the character was a bit unnecessary on this show: we all know Harvey Dent becomes Two-Face, even the casual Batman fan makes that connection. Harvey’s introduction on the show this week was unneeded and felt forced, much like the entire Bruce and Selina Kyle bit from this week, too.


Selina is the key witness in the Wayne murders (another glaring departure from the comics, but lets see how it plays out), so Gordon places her in protective custody…at Wayne Manor. She subsequently goes on to treat Alfred like dirt under her feet, all the while flirting with young Bruce before connecting with him on an emotional level. Catwoman and Batman have always had a relationship that was like none other, especially for Batman: he let her in, one of the few people who really every got to know him, and see him when he is vulnerable (others would be Clark, and also Diana). It’s a little early for Gotham to connect these two so emotionally, and time will tell if it’s the right call for the show. Right now, however, most of the Bruce Wayne story feels like an addendum and a really forced entry into an already full show.

Fans, are you still visiting Gotham on Mondays?

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