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Gift Guide for Fans of THE OFFICE: 5 Ideas for the ‘World’s Best Boss’

It was a show that began on March 24, 2005, which certainly mimicked those of the great sitcom titans we’ve all come to know and love.  Clearly, the writer, Greg Daniels took much of his premise for the inception of The Office from the ‘Seinfeld school of shows about nothing’.    Thus, it’s no secret why Nielsen’s stats show that The Office brought in a whopping 9.7 million viewers on its 4th season September 2007 premier, and ran for 9 seasons -quite a few more than the producers intended from the very beginning (and perhaps about 2 seasons too many, but let’s not get into that now).

So, there’s probably a good chance you’ve got an Office lover in your life, which provides you with one heck of a gift-opportunity.  The show may be over, but office fans everywhere are still obsessed. Check out some of these great Office-themed gifts:

#1:  The ‘Schrute Farm Beets’ Long-sleeve Shirt

Show your appreciation for the one-and-only, Dwight Schrute, because it just doesn’t get much better than giving your Office lover the chance to show greatness over their inferiors.  They will receive nods of approval from Office fans worldwide.

#2:  The Office: Seasons 1-9

Their mind: blown.  Now they won’t even need to worry about having free wifi in order to hitup Netflix for their daily Office fix: the addiction is real.

So, even if they’re running around with Michael Scott, on an Office ‘trip’ in the wilderness (like in the “Survivor Man” episode on season 4) …they’d still be able to watch an hour or two if they brought a laptop with a full charge.

#3:  The OFFICIAL NBC Michael Scott Bobblehead on Amazon

Ok, before you hit the link on this [Michael Scott Bobblehead] …you’re about to see the price.  Yes, yes that’s correct.  It says $123.88 +shipping.

However, there’s a reason why it’s practically the same price as a cart-full of holiday groceries: it’s a collector item.  Hey, it’s supply and demand, and NBC is making sure that the supply stays low, so that only the most avid lovers of The Office can successfully acquire this thing of greatness.  He is, after all, the “World’s Best Boss”.  Ah, speaking of that…

#4:  The “WORLD’S BEST BOSS” Coffee Mug

Does your giftee merely THINK that they’re the world’s best boss? (Whether or not they’re actually a boss is irrelevant here, but just go with me on this…)

Well, let’s get them a 16oz coffee mug that proves it -and also proves that he or she is, in fact, the world’s best Office fan.  The myth, the legend, the clinically narcissistic, Michael Scott, might not have been the world’s best boss -but at least his mug let everyone know he believed it.  This mug is a gift, nay a token, in remembrance of the man.

#5:  Dunder Mifflin Inc. Office Supplies

If the Office fan in your life actually works in an office…

Then you’ve got an above average opportunity of greatness here.  Why not just deck them out with ACTUAL Dunder Mifflin Inc. paper products?  Who knows, it might actually spark the beginning of their own ‘Office Olympics’.

You could also print out Michael Scott’s Guide to Surviving your 9-5 for your own office. Grab a few laughs and stay safe at the same time.

Any of these great gifts will be sure to leave your loved one satisfied and smiling. That’s what she said.

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