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For todays GeekStarter, we thought we’d highlight GeekFuel! GeekFuel is a monthly mystery box designed and made specifically for geeks. How awesome does that sound? More info below.

What is GeekFuel?

GeekFuel is a monthly mystery box filled with exclusive games, toys, gear, collectables and all things epic.

More info:

Geek Fuel will include some of the most recognized brands in entertainment, as well as up and coming artists that want a fun and unique way to introduce their quality products to a new audience.  In addition, Geek Fuel will produce and manufacture their own gear, which includes limited edition items.  From time honored collectables, to exciting brands, to new Geek Fuel products, Geek Fuel will have an incredible array of items to satisfy your inner Geek.

With funding as the first stage in Geek Fuel’s launch, the company has embraced the crowd-sourcing model through Kickstarter.  When asked why launching through a crowd-funding site was appealing, Gray commented, “With Geek Fuel, we really want to focus on building our core community from the ground up.  By launching through Kickstarter, we are able to introduce the company to an enthusiastic community with a history of supporting amazing products.”

Geek Fuel will offer several different subscription plans including 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and annual subscription options.  Monthly box prices will range from $14.90 to $18.90 (+ $5 S/H) per month depending on the plan selected. 

Geek Fuel Mystery Box Image

GeekFuel is currently on Kicktstarter and is almost halfway to it’s 10,000 goal, so make sure check it out here.

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Travis Grimm

Travis Grimm

Travis has been a self-proclaimed geek ever since being introduced to Star Wars before he could speak. He spends most of his free time reading comics, watching TV, collecting toys, blogging, and traveling the US to attend all sorts of conventions. He also likes coffee quite a bit.