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We at Agents of Geek had almost a week to process Marvel Phase 3 announcement, and we’ve got something to say! Jim Napier, John J. GalboTravis the Grimm, and I gathered via Google Hangout (above) to talk about our excitement for the movies that have been announced at last week’s Marvel Event.

However, not every one of us was able to participate in the Hangout and wrote down their comments instead:

Black Widow and Hulk

Look, I get it, I really do. MARVEL has made this next film decision, or decisions, in order to grow beyond their current slate of character films. It makes sense: building for the future. The current crop of heroes from Phases 1 and 2 have all but run their course, and there are certainly more stories to tell from other Marvel characters.

What I don’t understand, however, is the money MARVEL has “left on the table” by not giving us a stand-alone Mark Ruffalo Hulk film, a stand-alone Scarlett Johansson Black Widow film, and a fourth and final Robert Downey, Jr Iron Man film.

That easily a billion dollars that Marvel, AND DISNEY, have decided not to earn. And it boggles my mind. Have you ever known Disney to not take your money when they can?!

Demand has never been higher for a new solo Hulk film, hot off his movie – stealing performance in Avengers. The world is begging for a female lead comic book film, and they want it now, not in 4 or 5 years with DCs Wonder Woman. And RDJ should get one last hurrah on his own as Iron Man, with a cameo filled send-off paying tribute to the one actor who took a chance with his career and subsequently launched the comic book film renaissance.

And I know we get plenty of all 3 of these Avengers in the coming films, but we, and Disney/Marvel, could have so much more.

But instead we are getting a new slate of films showcasing lesser – known characters, trying to capture lightning in a bottle again like they did with Guardians of the Galaxy.

And they are lesser known characters, these Black Panthers, Inhumans, and Captain Marvels of Phase 3. I am an unapologetic fan, and even I have nearly no clue who these characters are. How can Marvel honestly expect the general public to gravitate to these new films, when people like myself, who read comics, aren’t in the least bit excited about these new films.

Maybe if we just slap the name Marvel on it, people will watch? — Joseph Shrader


Marvel has announced a ton of new movies to not only take Warner Bros announcement but dominate the cinematic landscape for years to come. Is this great? Definitely, are all of the movies exciting? Hell yes, is it predictable? You better believe it. For the first time I feel like they played catch up to Warner Bros. Not only that but there was nothing there that we the fans hadn’t already guessed was coming. Everything looks fun, interesting but not a single risk. Marvel have gotten a little, pedestrian with their movie releases. I believe Marvel has to do only one action to make them the king of the comic book cinematic landscape, get Spidey back. With Amazing Spider-Man 2 not performing as well as Sony had hoped and with the Sony Spiderverse looking terrible right now, now is the time to buy Spidey back. If that had been the news then Marvel had truly won the war. For now I’m happy, but this is nothing new. I want more but I suppose living in this Golden Age of comic book movies means that I’ve become a little more demanding. Looking forward to these movies but there could have been something more done for this event. I want to throw this in because its funny, we know Captain Marvel is happening now but…they never stated it was Carol Danvers. — Graham Day

(Editor’s note: Kevin Feige did announce that Capt. Marvel is Carol Danvers. However, there was some confusion among other bloggers at first when other news outlets never mention that part, chalking it up to fans jumping the gun).

Marvel Event Civil War
“One, two, three, four. I declare a Civil War!”

What else can really be said about the Marvel Phase Three announcement? We’ve read and seen all the cheers and jeers, the yays and neighs, but I can easily sum up my reaction to the news with one word… ECSTATIC! I’m always excited for new MCU announcements, but this announcement event pushed me into an euphoric state.

The Phase Three schedule is outright incredible! I love Marvel Studios’ approach of mixing the schedule with known and unknown characters/franchises. They have proven themselves greatly as a film studio with Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Most of my excitement leans on Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, and Captain America: Civil War. That doesn’t mean I’m not excited or interested in Black Panther or Inhumans. The potential is there for these two movies considering the impact of Age of Utron and later Civil War will have on the MCU.

What’s exciting about Dr. Strange is the potential of mysticism and inter-dimensional threats that can come from this film for the MCU. It could introduce an ominous fear that can bring a helplessness to humanity outside of the cosmic threat. Who doesn’t like ghosts, demons, and magic? If done well, and avoiding heavy exposition with an origin, Dr. Strange could be an awesome super-natural thriller. I’m all in for the Sorcerer Supreme!

As for Captain Marvel, this will help close the gap between the cosmic and earthbound aspects of the MCU. Carol Danvers is a “cosmic-powered” hero based on Earth. With all the material from the comics, this movie can touch on so much and can easily setup Inhumans. The connection of Danver’s Kree-based powers and the Kree involvement of the Inhumans origins makes for some interesting setup potential. But bringing it back to Carol, she is a fantastic character and would be one of the most powerful characters in the MCU. Dare I say, she could go toe to toe with Thor (who has gone against Hulk…exciting, right?). And the best part: We finally get a super-powered woman hero in the MCU.

If I had more time, I would go on about Cap: Civil War. The title alone drums up the imagination of what could happen. Civil War was a great Marvel event and perfect for a Captain America film. I don’t want to undermine any of the other announcements, but I totally need to learn more about Black Panther and many of us knew the Infinity War aspect of the MCU was happening eventually.

So, that’s the short version of where I’m coming from on Phase Three. The next few years are going to be awesome for me. I love it!Rafael Berrios

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