DUMB AND DUMBER – A Look Back at The Funniest Moments from this Comedy Classic

[tps_title]Don’t mess with Lloyd’s girl, unless you want your heart in a bag[/tps_title]

Lloyd is driving at this point, but his mind is not on the road; it’s on Mary Swanson. He starts having a pleasuring dream where he goes to Mary’s door with the briefcase and the two greet each other with open arms. Lloyd meets her family and shows a trick where he holds a lit lighter to his buttocks and farts. This is followed by a romantic dinner between the two where a man makes an advance to Mary by chewing on her arm.

Lloyd responds by raising hell and fighting not only the man, but also the waiter and the chef. While the chef proves to be a formidable opponent, Lloyd is able to defeat him by grabbing his heart out, putting it in a doggy bag and giving it to the man, as he falls to the ground. Lloyd then rejoins Mary at her home where they are about to engage in intimacy. Lloyd removes his coat, while Mary removes her dress. Lloyd looks down and does not see breasts, but flashing headlights. It is then that Lloyd’s dream is brought to an abrupt end, as a truck almost hits him, but Lloyd manages to dodge it.

**This scene first introduced me to The Cowsills, whose song “The Rain, the Park and Other Things” was playing in the background.

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