DUMB AND DUMBER – A Look Back at The Funniest Moments from this Comedy Classic

[tps_title]“One minute you’re chewing on a burger, the next minute, you’re dead meat.”[/tps_title]

After picking up Mental from the side of the road, the three stop at a place to eat and Mental dares them to eat their burgers with hot sauce. Lloyd and Harry do so, but soon regret it as they start groaning from their fiery mouths. Meanwhile, Mental conspires to put rat poison in the guys’ Shirley Temples to make sure they don’t get to Aspen.

He returns to the guys and asks them how they know Mary. They say that they don’t even know her and Mental laughs, saying they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. However when Mental takes a bite of his burger, it seems he is the one in the wrong place, because Harry and Lloyd have dumped hot sauce onto his food, making Mental fall out of his chair. The guys then point and laugh at him, thinking it as a harmless joke. But Mental starts having an ulcer and asks for his pills, which Harry gives him – or so he thought. Mental starts feeling a little better, but then notices the container that Harry was holding was the rat poison and Mental dies, but not without saying “Son of a b****!”

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