DUMB AND DUMBER – A Look Back at The Funniest Moments from this Comedy Classic

[tps_title]Pennsylvania cop takes a sip of “grandpa’s old cough medicine[/tps_title]

Shortly after fleeing Sea Bass, Lloyd gets a full bladder, but Harry insists that they not pull over. Harry gives Lloyd a beer bottle to “whiz” in, but that is not enough and eventually Lloyd’s urine takes up enough beer bottles to fill a fridge.

Meanwhile, Harry does not realize he is speeding and a cop pulls them over. He notices the open beer bottles and asks if they’ve been “suckin’ on grandpa’s old cough medicine.” The cop requests that they hand over a beer, but the pair tries to assure him it’s not alcohol. After the cop calls Lloyd a “pumpkin pie hair cut freak,” Harry gives him a bottle and the cop proceeds to drink from it. After about two seconds, the cop realizes he does not taste cough medicine, but rather a sample of Lloyd’s body fluid. Harry asks him if he’s ok and he replies “Get the hell outta here!”

**Even though I’m sure it’s not real pee, every time I see him drink from the bottle, I get a little squeamish at the thought of drinking urine. Poor cop.

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