DUMB AND DUMBER – A Look Back at The Funniest Moments from this Comedy Classic

[tps_title]Lloyd and Harry trick Sea Bass into paying for their meal[/tps_title]


Harry and Lloyd decide to stop for burgers at a gas station. While eating, Harry accidentally spills salt. Lloyd reminds him that it is bad luck to do so and prompts Harry to toss the salt over his right shoulder. Harry does so, but it ends up accidentally hitting Sea Bass, a tall, bulky trucker who immediately confronts the pair. Sea Bass asks Harry if he is going to eat his burger. Harry says yes and Sea Bass spits in his burger.

Lloyd and Harry then walk over to Sea Bass’ table, apologize for the incident and offer to buy him and his buddies a round of beers. They go to the cashier, but instead of asking for beers, Lloyd tells the cashier that Sea Bass offered to pick up his check. The cashier doubts them at first, but when Sea Bass makes a hand motion to bring the “beers” over to the table, the cashier agrees to put Lloyd and Harry’s bill on Sea Bass’ tab. The pair flee the scene in the Shaggin’ Wagon before Sea Bass can, in his words, “kill those sons of b*****s.”

However, the pair doesn’t get away with it so easily. Later on in the movie, while Lloyd is in a bathroom stall, he spots a message written on the wall saying “For manly love, be here 2:15 AM sharp!” Lloyd nervously faces the door and it swings open revealing none other than Sea Bass. Talk about karma! But unfortunately Sea Bass couldn’t get his revenge. Harry bursts into the bathroom stall to douse his flaming leg that he accidentally set ablaze, hitting Sea Bass with the door, knocking him out cold.

**On a side note, in the first Sea Bass scene, you’ll notice the gas prices are $1.09 a gallon. I’ll bet that was pretty expensive!

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