DUMB AND DUMBER – A Look Back at The Funniest Moments from this Comedy Classic

[tps_title]Harry shows us how to take care of dogs[/tps_title]

At the beginning of the movie, Harry Dunne, dressed in a dog costume, is driving his customized dog van to take a group of dogs to a competition. He is rushing to make it on time, as indicated by his swerving, but not without feeding the dogs first. He hands them a Wiener schnitzel, roast beef au jus and a foot long hot dog.

When he finally arrives at his destination, he gets scolded by Mrs. Neugeboren (or as he says, Mrs. Neugyburger). But he assures her that he bathed and clipped them himself and stands by his performance. However, when he opens the van and sees the dogs covered in meat, ketchup and mustard, he says, “On second thought, you might just want to run a comb through them.”

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