DUMB AND DUMBER – A Look Back at The Funniest Moments from this Comedy Classic

On November 14, we will be reunited with one of cinema’s most dimwitted duo: Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels return, 20 years after their last adventure, in the appropriately titled Dumb and Dumber To.

But before you see the sequel, strap on your seatbelts in your Shaggin’ Wagons, because we’re going to look at some of the funniest moments from Dumb and Dumber!

Harry and Lloyd reach their destination in…Nebraska.

So, after accidentally killing Mental with his own rat poison, Harry and Lloyd continue to drive on towards Aspen. By this point, Harry has done most of the driving and Lloyd offers to take over. While Harry is slumped in the passenger seat, Lloyd approaches a fork in the road, with one direction being Aspen and the other being Nebraska. Lloyd takes the Nebraska exit and Harry awakens not only to the familiar hum of the Sheep Dog, but to the unfamiliar sights of cornfields and sunny skies. Harry, initially thinking they have reached Aspen, says he expected the Rocky Mountains to be…well, more rocky. Lloyd replies, “Yeah, that John Denver’s full of s***!”

Lloyd and Harry trick Sea Bass into paying for their meal

Harry and Lloyd decide to stop for burgers at a gas station. While eating, Harry accidentally spills salt. Lloyd reminds him that it is bad luck to do so and prompts Harry to toss the salt over his right shoulder. Harry does so, but it ends up accidentally hitting Sea Bass, a tall, bulky trucker who immediately confronts the pair. Sea Bass asks Harry if he is going to eat his burger. Harry says yes and Sea Bass spits in his burger.

Lloyd and Harry then walk over to Sea Bass’ table, apologize for the incident and offer to buy him and his buddies a round of beers. They go to the cashier, but instead of asking for beers, Lloyd tells the cashier that Sea Bass offered to pick up his check. The cashier doubts them at first, but when Sea Bass makes a hand motion to bring the “beers” over to the table, the cashier agrees to put Lloyd and Harry’s bill on Sea Bass’ tab. The pair flee the scene in the Shaggin’ Wagon before Sea Bass can, in his words, “kill those sons of b*****s.”

However, the pair doesn’t get away with it so easily. Later on in the movie, while Lloyd is in a bathroom stall, he spots a message written on the wall saying “For manly love, be here 2:15 AM sharp!” Lloyd nervously faces the door and it swings open revealing none other than Sea Bass. Talk about karma! But unfortunately Sea Bass couldn’t get his revenge. Harry bursts into the bathroom stall to douse his flaming leg that he accidentally set ablaze, hitting Sea Bass with the door, knocking him out cold.

**On a side note, in the first Sea Bass scene, you’ll notice the gas prices are $1.09 a gallon. I’ll bet that was pretty expensive!

Pennsylvania cop takes a sip of “grandpa’s old cough medicine

Shortly after fleeing Sea Bass, Lloyd gets a full bladder, but Harry insists that they not pull over. Harry gives Lloyd a beer bottle to “whiz” in, but that is not enough and eventually Lloyd’s urine takes up enough beer bottles to fill a fridge.

Meanwhile, Harry does not realize he is speeding and a cop pulls them over. He notices the open beer bottles and asks if they’ve been “suckin’ on grandpa’s old cough medicine.” The cop requests that they hand over a beer, but the pair tries to assure him it’s not alcohol. After the cop calls Lloyd a “pumpkin pie hair cut freak,” Harry gives him a bottle and the cop proceeds to drink from it. After about two seconds, the cop realizes he does not taste cough medicine, but rather a sample of Lloyd’s body fluid. Harry asks him if he’s ok and he replies “Get the hell outta here!”

**Even though I’m sure it’s not real pee, every time I see him drink from the bottle, I get a little squeamish at the thought of drinking urine. Poor cop.

Lloyd gives Harry the biggest “runs” of the movie.

So after the pair reaches Aspen, Harry does all he can to get Mary Swanson to notice him. However, after he appoints Harry to break the ice, Mary starts hanging out with Harry, much to Lloyd’s displeasure. So one night when Harry and Mary plan to go out, Lloyd pours Turbo Lax into Harry’s cup of tea. When Harry goes to meet Mary, he has a sudden uncomfortable feeling, rushes to the bathroom and…well, you know the rest. The bigger problem was not that Mary left Harry, but that the toilet didn’t flush.

Lloyd and Harry help out some hot babes, but not in the way you’d expect

At this point, Lloyd and Harry have lost it all: their riches, the girl and their “hog.” They are wandering aimlessly along a country highway, wondering when they will catch a break.

And just like that (with the “Hallelujah” chorus appropriately included), a tour bus pulls up and out steps some scantily clad women who tell Harry and Lloyd that they are looking for two men to grease them up before their competition. Harry assures the ladies that they are in luck and says there is a town a few miles from them where they will find a couple guys. The ladies thank him for his help, but Lloyd quickly stops the bus from going further and tells the ladies Harry made a mistake. Lloyd says “the town is back that way.” Need I say more?

“One minute you’re chewing on a burger, the next minute, you’re dead meat.”

After picking up Mental from the side of the road, the three stop at a place to eat and Mental dares them to eat their burgers with hot sauce. Lloyd and Harry do so, but soon regret it as they start groaning from their fiery mouths. Meanwhile, Mental conspires to put rat poison in the guys’ Shirley Temples to make sure they don’t get to Aspen.

He returns to the guys and asks them how they know Mary. They say that they don’t even know her and Mental laughs, saying they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. However when Mental takes a bite of his burger, it seems he is the one in the wrong place, because Harry and Lloyd have dumped hot sauce onto his food, making Mental fall out of his chair. The guys then point and laugh at him, thinking it as a harmless joke. But Mental starts having an ulcer and asks for his pills, which Harry gives him – or so he thought. Mental starts feeling a little better, but then notices the container that Harry was holding was the rat poison and Mental dies, but not without saying “Son of a b****!”

Don’t mess with Lloyd’s girl, unless you want your heart in a bag

Lloyd is driving at this point, but his mind is not on the road; it’s on Mary Swanson. He starts having a pleasuring dream where he goes to Mary’s door with the briefcase and the two greet each other with open arms. Lloyd meets her family and shows a trick where he holds a lit lighter to his buttocks and farts. This is followed by a romantic dinner between the two where a man makes an advance to Mary by chewing on her arm.

Lloyd responds by raising hell and fighting not only the man, but also the waiter and the chef. While the chef proves to be a formidable opponent, Lloyd is able to defeat him by grabbing his heart out, putting it in a doggy bag and giving it to the man, as he falls to the ground. Lloyd then rejoins Mary at her home where they are about to engage in intimacy. Lloyd removes his coat, while Mary removes her dress. Lloyd looks down and does not see breasts, but flashing headlights. It is then that Lloyd’s dream is brought to an abrupt end, as a truck almost hits him, but Lloyd manages to dodge it.

**This scene first introduced me to The Cowsills, whose song “The Rain, the Park and Other Things” was playing in the background.

Lloyd gives Nicholas Andre an I.O.U.

When Lloyd finally reunites with Mary in Aspen, he is also greeted by Nicholas Andre, the man who is revealed to be the true owner of the briefcase that Harry and Lloyd took. The briefcase had been left by Mary in the airport as a way to pay ransom for her kidnapped husband Bobby. Andre looks into the briefcase for money, but all he finds is I.O.U.s. Lloyd notes that “every cent is accounted for!”

If only we could write loan companies I.O.U.s instead of checks!

Harry shows us how to take care of dogs

At the beginning of the movie, Harry Dunne, dressed in a dog costume, is driving his customized dog van to take a group of dogs to a competition. He is rushing to make it on time, as indicated by his swerving, but not without feeding the dogs first. He hands them a Wiener schnitzel, roast beef au jus and a foot long hot dog.

When he finally arrives at his destination, he gets scolded by Mrs. Neugeboren (or as he says, Mrs. Neugyburger). But he assures her that he bathed and clipped them himself and stands by his performance. However, when he opens the van and sees the dogs covered in meat, ketchup and mustard, he says, “On second thought, you might just want to run a comb through them.”

Radio? Who needs a radio?

After picking up Mental, a mobster looking to stop them from getting to Aspen, Harry and Lloyd proceed to play a game of tag, but start arguing with each other about violating the rules. Apparently, you can’t triple stamp a double stamp. Lloyd asks Mental if he wants to hear the most annoying sound in the world, which he makes. Mental politely responds “Why don’t we listen to the radio?” The guys laugh and start singing a custom rendition of the children’s classic Mockingbird. “Mock! Yeah! King! Yeah! Bird! Yeah!”

But the funniest moment from Dumb and Dumber is…

…not in the actual movie. The funniest part about Dumb and Dumber is the fact that there was actually a decision to make a prequel called Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. The film currently holds a 10% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and was panned by critics. See what happens when you don’t put Jim Carrey in sequels?

Well, there’s your trip down memory lane. Be sure to see Dumb and Dumber To when it hits theaters this Friday! Be sure to bring along a spicy burger and a bottle of grandpa’s old cough medicine!

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