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DOCTOR WHO Series 8: So…What Did You Think?

Doctor Who Series 8 has ended and we saw the return of a very familiar face, but in completely different form, and we got introduced to the 12th Doctor. So, did you like it?


Going to start this article with a recap of the two part finale. I’ll be leaving a few things out, because I’m only going to talk about the main points. Missy, who was the big mystery character this series, turned out to be The Master in female form. We come to find out that she’d been cooking up some devious plans and such to get The Doctor to where he was at the finale. She’d given Clara The Doctor’s phone number(that one call from Series 7B if you remember) and she’d been mysteriously leading them back together. She ended up building up an army of Cybermen who were all people who had passed away. The Nethosphere is where they were, hence The Promised Land, as well. She wanted to build this army and basically handed it over to The Doctor. She was sort of helping him become a bad man. She made him momentarily realize how many times he’d questioned himself. Danny Pink unfortunately becomes a Cyberman, but in the end does a fabulous job at getting back into soldier form and helps get the Cybermen away. The 12th Doctor gets his speech moment and reveals that he’s an idiot. (Quote will be at the bottom of this article).

Missy is killed, but is she? We all know The Master somehow always gets out of situations…even if he/she dies. Danny Pink had the opportunity to save himself, but he ended up saving a little boy who he had unfortunately killed in combat. So this marked the end of Danny Pink’s run on the show and serious heartbreak for Clara who was very in love with him. Their relationship was played out pretty damn well the entire series. They had flaws and adorable moments. He will be missed! Maybe he can come back as Orson Pink? We also saw the end of Osgood, if you remember her…she was the awesome assistant to Kate Stewart. She was killed by Missy in a very devious way. One awesome moment was seeing Osgood again and seeing her in a bow tie, her 11th Doctor tribute look, and sharing the ever so great line, “Bowties are cool.” She too will be very missed. Kate Stewart was presumed killed after she was thrown out of the plane they were all in with Missy. It gets revealed at the end that her father, The Brigadier, who was one of the Cybermen. It was an incredible moment which definitely brought tears. Missy at one point towards the end of the episode reveals that Gallifrey is actually right where it should be. This makes The Doctor head out to see if it is there, but he quickly sees that Missy lied and his home is still somewhere out there. At the end of the episode, Clara and The Doctor part ways, and they also lie to each other. Clara doesn’t tell The Doctor that Danny didn’t come back and The Doctor tells Clara that Gallifrey is indeed found.

Will this mark the end of Clara’s run on Doctor Who? She is in the Christmas Special, but since her goodbye wasn’t as dramatic as goodbye’s usually are in this show…perhaps her end is coming in the Christmas Special? Or maybe she will come back again and she’ll still be around next series? Who knows! All throughout Series 8 we got a lot of Clara helping The Doctor and sort of didn’t get enough of The Doctor being The Doctor. I think it was slightly set up that way, perhaps Missy is the reason why?

Anyways, I give Series 8 a solid B! I did enjoy it a lot. There were episodes that weren’t amazing, but each episode was enjoyable. The main complaint I’ve seen a lot from people is that there was a huge lack of The Doctor and more of a focus on Clara. It could of had something to do with Missy! What did you guys think? How did Peter Capaldi do in his first series as The Doctor? What did you think of the series as a whole? Comment in the comments section below with your thoughts!

Quotes I loved:

Danny: Attention! This is not a good day. This is earth’s darkest hour! And look at you miserable lot. We are the fallen and today we shall rise, the Army of the Dead shall save the Land of the Living. This is not the order of a general, nor the whim of a lunatic Missy: Excuse me? This is a promise! The promise of a soldier! You will sleep safe tonight.

The Doctor: Thank you! Thank you so much! I really didn’t know. I wasn’t sure. Did I say sometimes, thank you! I am not a good man. And I’m not a bad man. I am not a hero. I’m definitely not a president and no, I’m not an officer. You know what I am? I am an idiot! With a box and a screwdriver, passing through, helping out, learning. I don’t need an army. I never have! Because I’ve got them. Always them! Because love, it’s not an emotion. Love is a promise and he will never hurt her. PE, catch!

Clara: Well, gentlemen, where to start? I was born on the planet Gallifrey, in the constellation of Kasterborous. I’m a Time Lord, but my Prydonian privileges were revoked when I stole a time capsule and ran away. Currently piloting a Type-40 TARDIS. I’ve been married four times, all deceased. My children and grandchildren are missing and, I assume, dead. I have a non-Gallifreyan daughter, created by genetic transfer. How much more do you need? I’m the Doctor!


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