Comic Convention/Expo 101: The Essentials

So, you’re attending your first comic con or an expo and you’re wondering…what do I need to have with me? Or you’ve attended one and you need a little help figuring out everything you need…below are the top 3 things that are essential to making your experience as wonderful and fun as possible. Halloween weekend, I attended Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo again and realized it would be a great idea to get a quick list of the three essential things needed at these events, because being prepared is always good! Check out the list below.

1. Cash

Cash is essential, and honestly could just be the number one thing, you need to have with you. When you’re walking the floor and noticing vendors and artists and decide you want to buy something, having cash with you helps make the buying experience go by faster. Also, sometimes vendors or artists only accept cash, so having a spare 40 bucks is good at least.  Make sure you find an ATM machine before entering the con or expo and get as much cash as you can (sometimes there are ATM machines inside so you won’t have to much difficulty finding one) and enjoy.

2. Comfortable Shoes

When all you do is walk, comfortable shoes are VERY necessary. You don’t want to be walking around in 15 inch heels (unless your cosplaying then that’s a whole different story and you wear whatever you want). Sneakers, sandles, slip on shoes, or boots (good ones) are pretty comfortable for these kinds of events. Having comfortable clothes would be a great idea too FYI!

3. Snacks & Water

It’s a good idea to get some chips or something in your purse or bag, so when you’re hungry, but aren’t around anywhere selling food you can take out something from your bag to munch on. When we’re having an incredible amount of fun at a con or expo, sometimes we forget to eat…so pack something! Also, have water with you. You need to hydrate!


Those are 3 of the most essential things needed. What are some other things you guys think is needed? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! Also, feel free to leave advice for people from any experiences you’ve had!


Credit: San Diego Comic Con
Credit: San Diego Comic Con



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