When Zombies Attack – A Guide to Surviving in Style

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We were contacted and asked if we want to share an infographic… turns out it was no ordinary infographic. Naomi collaborated with Grocery Coupon Network and made the below infographic as well as wrote the introduction. Be warned: it’s a beautiful thing.

It’s almost Halloween! And that means many of you ghouls and gals have monsters, goblins, and zombies on the brain. If you’re a frequent visitor of Agents of Geek, you’re most likely well-versed in Zombie Lore and could write a detailed thesis paper about its place in pop culture! (We aren’t doubting your skills, folks!) But what happens if Dawn of the Dead becomes your ACTUAL reality? Do you think you and your nerd clan have what it takes to escape a zombie invasion with your heads (and brains) intact? We sure hope so. But just to be sure, read on to find helpful tips for hunted humans!

Safest Places in the U.S.

Capitol Visitors Center, Washington D.C. — Our nation’s capitol was designed to fortify against attacks. The center is rumored to have been constructed in order to protect Congress against an attack. If that’s too far away, consider taking shelter in your local police station and/or town hall (that is, as long as the police and politicians haven’t been turned).

Mount Weather Emergency Station, Blue Ridge Mountains — Leave it to weathermen and women to know what to do in a crisis. It’s their job, afterall. Allegedly, Dick Cheney headed there on 9/11.

Anywhere that contains high ground, barriers and/or blockades, and lots supplies! Speaking of supplies, you and your crew are going to need..

Essentials in Case of Zombie Apocalypse

Medicine — antibiotics, aspirin, and vitamins… you’re going to require the medical essentials in order to survive in a world without readily-available doctors. Consider stopping at a convenience store and filling a backpack with supplies. Be prepared, though. Others will have the same idea, and you might have to fight it out for the good stuff. Best of luck!

Food — Canned goods, dried fruits and nuts, non-perishables… these items will become the key to your survival. Be sure to stock up and ration accordingly.

Water — Ideally, you’d have one gallon per person, per day. However, this isn’t always feasible. Do your best to stay hydrated despite your circumstances.
Things to Consider…

Are the zombies slow-moving or fast. This will be important information to keep in mind when developing your survival strategy.

Who are you going to take with you? Who can fend for themselves. You want to surround yourself with good-humored, hard-working survivors. No drama queens in the bunch. Zombies are traumatic enough!

Can you find a cure? Perhaps there is some antidote. Immediately seek out smart, scientific humans and employ their help. Perhaps they can access a security-clearance lab or act as group doctor if a friend falls ill. It takes a real leader to be able to delegate. Together, you all can beat this thing. After all, humans are much smarter than zombies (we hope).


Well there you have it… our best tips for keeping it together in undead circumstances. Are you going as a zombie for Halloween? Leave your comments below!

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