The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of Windows 10 Reveal

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In an unprecedented move, Windows introduces their follow up operating system from Windows 8, to 10. What in the world!? They skipped 9 and jumped right onto 10. Codenamed “Threshold,” Windows 10 is doing away with the tiled “Metro” interface they tried to implement on all their devices. Am I going to give an opinion about this yet? No, because this is a special edition “Good, Bad, and The Ugly” to discuss Windows 10!

The Good:

Getting rid of that tile layout is great news, what may work on a tablet, phone, or the Xbox One, may not have been the best idea for a home PC. Personally, I immediately hated the tile layout, and would open my PC and just enter desktop mode.

It could have been worse if they didn’t allow me to do that, but it is annoying when you accidentally graze your mousepad and have it switch you into that tile screen. Minor issue, but it didn’t kill the entire computer for me, in fact, it inspired me to make my computer into a Steam Machine and ditch all my other stuff onto a different PC for my writing, and music.

The Bad:

To say they made the jump from 8 to 10 because it’s such a leap in their interface is something that could come back and bite them. Are you really trying to tell me your interface is so good you all thought “this is too good to be called Windows 9, screw it we’re taking it to 10!” saying that, you’ve got to be pretty confident in your system. Stuff like this I always feel comes back and haunts them.

I remember when I got rid of my Windows Phone because the apps that were in the Zune Marketplace (stop trying to make Zune happen, it isn’t going to happen) were, to be as nice as possible- not great- they started advertising for Windows 8 phones. I really liked the phone I had, so I looked into their new Windows 8 phones, and their apps were still garbage.

At the time I was making at least four Vines a day, and for me to commit to Windows again they had to have Vine. They didn’t, so I never looked back after purchasing my iPhone.

The Ugly:

Windows 10 has a start menu, I’m gonna let that sink in for a bit. Their leap from 8 to 10 added a Start menu. Windows 8 doesn’t have a start menu, and that’s good. Why does Microsoft believe we need a start menu? My issue with Windows 8 isn’t the lack of a start menu, I don’t see many saying they’ll riot if there isn’t one, so why include that? It seems to be taking a step back in their leap forward, and that kind of thing worries me.

As you can probably tell, I’m predominately a PC user, I grew up with a PC in my house, and a Apple computer at school. Anytime Windows does something the general public finds underwhelming I’m usually there to defend it. This time I just can’t do that. As more and more games are being released on both PC and Mac it’s getting tougher to stay loyal to Windows.

Phew, alright, that was a bit much right? Especially for something that was just shown. I’ll probably upgrade to Windows 10, and I’m sure in the end it will be fine, but I can’t say I’m excited for it because I’m not. One day maybe I will be, but for now, I’m just gonna hang out on the fence.

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