THE BIG BANG THEORY Season 8 Episode 5 Recap – “The Focus Attenuation”

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It’s not very often that you’ll find a mediocre episode of The Big Bang Theory, but there are always times when a show feels like it’s giving you filler. This week was just that for our beloved Big Bang Theory Season 8, and while it was still pretty funny, it just didn’t deliver the big laughs that usually come when this show takes the cast out of their apartment environments and drops them into the big world around them. And that’s a disappointment and a huge missed opportunity.


As the guys try time and again to get back to their first love of science over the weekend, the girls use the opportunity to get away to Las Vegas. As both Bernadette and Amy hit the town, Penny is left behind to unexpectedly do some studying for work. This is a great example, however, of how the show has seemingly made a commitment to the Penny character this season, in hopes of righting so many seasons of wrongs with Penny and her stagnant career. The laughs were few and far between in Vegas, but its always fun to watch Amy Farrah Fowler cut loose when she’s outside her comfort zone, and time away from Penny and instead alongside Bernadette is a great change.

The Big Bang Theory held steady this week with a run-of-the-mill outing that feels more like a place holder than a great new episode. But that’s just fine, because even a lukewarm Big Bang is better than most other comedies on television today.

Fans, how did you take The Focus Attenuation?


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