The Big Bang Theory – Episode 8.3 “The First Pitch Insufficiency” – Review

One of the fun things about The Big Bang Theory is that the showrunners seem to always know when it’s time to double-down on the relationship aspects across the entire cast. With last week’s premiere, all the loose ends from Season 7 were tied up, and Season 8 was firmly set in motion: with Sheldon returning from his exile and settling back into life with Amy, Leonard and Penny discovering life as an engaged couple, Howard and Bernadette adjusting to their life with Stuart in the fold, and Raj finally finding happiness. And with Season 8’s second episode, The Big Bang Theory digs in and reminds us that the relationships we have with those most important to us aren’t always perfect, but they are what help make us who we are, and a little work is always involved.

NASA enlists Howard to throw out the first pitch at an Angels baseball game, and true to form, Howard hasn’t a clue how to do it. From prepping in front of an XBOX Kinect game, to hitting the gym and trying to learn the right way, Howard goes all in with Bernadette supporting him through and through. Like I’ve said before, The Wolowitz’s are the heart and soul of this show, and Episode 2 was another prime example of just how far they’ve come since their awkward first date. And so Howard’s first pitch is delivered in a very clever, albeit lengthy, way, and as fans we can’t help feel for him as he puts his heart on his sleeve with what he thinks is a brilliant idea, only to have it backfire: using a prototype of the Mars Rover to deliver the pitch, which looks amazing, but takes forever to get the job done.


The other half of the episode found Leonard and Penny double dating alongside Sheldon and Amy, with Sheldon believing he and Amy had the more successful relationship of the two. Sheldon had found a formula online that predicts the most compatible and successful couples, and Leonard and Penny took him to task on it, only to find that both of them are very unsure of their recent engagement decision. The writers of the show really opened up this uncertainty, and allowed Leonard and Penny to navigate through it as only they can, with Leonard completely botching his logic when it comes to his love for Penny, and Penny realizing that yet again, Leonard truly loves her in a way that no one ever has before.

This was another status-quo edition of The Big Bang Theory for the most part, with some great relationship exploration to along with the usual Sheldon-provided laughs. A preview for next week hints that the guys may be investing in the remodel of Stuart’s fire-ridden comic book store, something that’s sure to add to the overall arc of the entire show.

Fans, what did you think of The First Pitch Insuffiency?

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