SONS OF ANARCHY “Poor Little Lambs” Episode Recap

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Poor Little Lambs seems to be the beginning of the end for the season. While there are no major character deaths there is plenty of slaughter and mayhem. The episode almost felt as though Kurt Sutter has begun a culling of characters. The first three episodes of the final season of Sons of Anarchy were, in standard Sutter fashion created more and more plot threads. This episode focuses on some intertwining of the previously created plots while just moving it all along.

The comparisons between Juice and Gemma continue throughout this episode in the only major side story line. Gemma is still having conversations with an invisible “Tara” while Juice has also begun talking to himself. Later in the episode we see them both stashing guns presumably to be used during Juice’s escape from the state as the APB goes out. In Juice’s last scene of the episode he breaks down, admitting to Gemma that he cannot cope with being alone, his own mind eats him alive when he is. Exactly like Gemma, who has been fighting to keep her family under control and with her throughout the entire series, albeit she is much better at getting what she needs than Juice.

The return of more supporting characters this episode should come as no surprise, this is the final season so it should be expected that many of these characters stories will be getting tied up. Why wouldn’t Sutter use the colorful cast that he has created throughout the shows duration. Colette shows up at Diosa, meeting Gemma and helping Nero now that Lyla has moved on to directing videos for the MC’s pornogrophy company. She makes a welcome addition to Nero’s team and even gains approval from Gemma, a rarity with Jax’s women. This coupled with lighthearted moments at the beginning of the episode sets a strange tone, that to any avid fan can only mean something horrible is on the horizon.

Tyler from the 9’ers informs Jax and the club that August is starting to lose his grip on things. At first this seems like good news, as the club was trying to stir up trouble between the Black and Chinese gangs last episode. Tyler continues on to inform the club that there has been a hold up with one of August’s business deals because his partner in the matter has gone missing, a local Pastor. With a little digging, both literally and metaphorically, the club determines that the missing Pastor is in fact the one they killed earlier in the season. To cover their tracks and make sure August does not start looking their direction they contact another returning character, Venus. Tig’s friend Venus had done some domination work for the Pastor and pointed the club in the direction of the man’s lake house. At the lake the club finds Pastor’s family, following one of the shortest chases in the shows history and Tig getting shot in the stomach. With the promise of some protection and an explanation of the benefits of working with August to the Pastors wife she agrees to complete a her husbands transactions. This supposedly will prevent August from digging in to the Pastor’s disappearance and help his relation with the Blacks.

After this successful interaction Jax, Chibs and Bobby head out to meet up with some Supremacist’s to off load the stolen Chinese Heroin. Driving through town they are oblivious to the fact that Sheriffs Eglee and Cane see them and start to follow them to inquire about the beating of Kenneth, Sandy’s father, at the end of episode three. The Supremacists see the cop car before Jax notices and shoot the cops. Cane is immediately killed while Eglee takes four bullets in the back. Eglee is alive when the ambulance and Sheriff arrive at the scene later. This scenario is less than ideal as Eglee only be able to identify the MC as being present during the shooting, not the Supremacists. Sheriff Jarry shows up at the ice cream shop to ask Jax and Chibs about both the beating of Kenneth and the shooting of her cops. After denying involvement with the shooting of the police Jax admits to beating the abusive father. As this is happening a Chinese man throws a grenade through the window of the shop. The MC is safe, with Chibs protecting the Sheriff from the blast. After a some time to collect themselves Nero receives a call from a man saying telling him that what is about to happen Diosa is retaliation against the Sons. The club races to Diosa, arriving too late and finding all of Nero’s girls, and Colette, slaughtered. This retaliation may be the thing to push Jax over the edge.

It appears as though Jury, from the Redwood Charter may have ratted Jax and the club out to Lin and the Chinese. If this is true, I doubt there will be any place for the man to hide in the coming storm that is Jax’s wrath. Halfway through the season the mayhem has finally and truly arrived in Charming. All things considered the next episode is looking to be bloody, fast and dangerous!

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10 PM E/P on FX.

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