Sailor Moon Crystal – Act 7: MAMORU CHIBA TUXEDO MASK Recap

At the end of the last episode, Sailor Moon found out that Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask. Act 7 picks up right where Act 6 left off, jumping right into Mamoru’s sad back story and why he is Tuxedo Mask. This was another great, extremely-accurate-to-the-manga episode, and the accuracy is quickly becoming my favorite thing about Sailor Moon Crystal.

After Usagi figures out where she is and starts putting what happened together in her head, she wonders how she didn’t realize Mamoru was Tuxedo Mask before. Same. She asks why he became Tuxedo Mask, and he tells her he did it to regain his memories. A sad flashback of a car accident begins. It was his sixth birthday, and his parents died in the accident. He was the only survivor and he lost all of his memories. He wonders if he really is Mamoru Chiba. He has one clue about his past, and that’s his reoccurring dream about the Legendary Silver Crystal. He asks Usagi why she searches for it, and she can’t really explain it. Usagi can tell Mamoru is sad, and he asks her to keep their conversation a secret. She remembers what Luna said about him tricking her. She believes in Mamoru though, and fully trusts him. She decides to leave his apartment, because Luna will be worried.


Luna is in their secret underground base talking to blurred figure over the computer (that looks eerily like Sailor V….). Luna tells the figure that the girls still don’t remember their past lives, especially Sailor Moon who is still really inexperienced. The figure says that time is running short because the enemy is already here.

Queen Beryl is seen offering energy to her great ruler, Queen Metallia. This is the first time you hear of Queen Metallia in this anime and in the manga. Queen Metallia appears to be a large, creepy smiling face that needs energy to survive. Queen Beryl bows to her an appears almost afraid, which is extremely out of character for the bad bitch she is. Queen Metallia remembers the Sailor Senshi that sealed her away many years ago. We get some Queen Beryl back story here, too, when she reveals how she found Queen Metallia. A dark force led her to the North Pole where she released her. After she leaves Queen Metallia’s presence, we hear Queen Beryl’s inner monologue about how she does not plan on giving Queen Metallia the Silver Crystal. She wants it all for herself, so that she can be all powerful. There is no such thing as trust in the Dark Kingdom.


The movie store is packed with girls renting films. Rei passes by and gets a bad feeling about it. She overhears a girl say she needs to catch Sailor Moon. Meanwhile, Ami has been doing some research on Sailor V. They think she serves the Moon Kingdom because of the Crescent mark on her head. Umino was listening in, and he thinks they are talking about the Sailor V video game. He seems super creepy as he tells them Sailor V is out of date, Sailor Moon is all the rage now. He leaves, and the girls ask Luna if they think Sailor V is connected to the Moon Kingdom. Luna says no, and Usagi says she thinks she is.It feels like Luna is hiding something from us. The conversation is quickly interrupted by Usagi having food all over her face. She reaches for her handkerchief and finds Tuxedo Mask’s pocket watch in her pocket. She accidentally took it from his place, and it’s gourgeous. It’s a star shaped locket that shows the phases of the moon. Usagi wonders if she should tell the others about her conversation with him…

Back in class, Usagi notices her friends are acting strange. They keep saying “Find Sailor Moon…”. Usagi finds a DVD from the rental shop. Luna tells her to insert it into the Sailor V game. The game spits it back out and mini Sailor V on the screen says it is the enemy’s brainwashing DVD.

The evil begins. Mamoru is heading somewhere on a bus when the other passengers start acting as though they’ve been hypnotized. They’re all repeating the same thing: “Sailor Moon…”. You see Zoisite using many different screens to control them, telling them that they need to find Sailor Moon for him. She holds the secret to the Silver Crystal. This doesn’t sound too good for Usagi! The Sailor Guardians make a plan to save Usagi.


She is scared, but she knows she has to protect everyone. She transforms and uses her Moon Stick to awaken the hypnotized people. She may have saved her friends, but she fell right into Zoisite’s trap when she appeared. The Sailor Guardians try to fight off Zoisite, but he overpowers them. He tells Sailor Moon to tell him where the Silver Crystal is, or they will all die. Usagi asks Tuxedo Kamen for help, and he appears, delivering a strong punch to Zoisite’s face (does he work out?). Zoisite asks if he seeks the Crystal as well, and Tuxedo Mask swings at Zoisite again. Tuxedo Mask explains that he has been searching for the Crystal, but his true wish is for Usako (Mamoru’s nickname for Usagi). Zoisite tosses Usagi and says he will kill her. He attacks again but is hit by a moon shaped projectile that seemingly came out of nowhere. We look up, and see Sailor V standing on top of a nearby building with a mysterious white cat that looks a bit like Luna. Who is she? Is she an ally? Why did she save Sailor Moon? Is she a Sailor Guardian, too? Until next time. 😉

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