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Oscar Watching: Taking a Gamble?


Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Of the possible nominations that The Gambler can garner, a bid for Lange would make the most sense: television’s American Horror Story put her back on the map, and this would be her first nomination since winning for Blue Sky (1994). Still, this race is incredibly in flux, and no one feels safe just yet.

1. Keira Knightley for The Imitation Game

2. Emma Stone for Birdman

3. Meryl Streep for Into the Woods

4. Patricia Arquette for Boyhood

5. Jessica Chastain for Interstellar

6. Carmen Ejogo for Selma
7. Laura Dern for Wild
8. Jessica Lange for The Gambler
9. Mackenzie Foy for Interstellar
10. Carrie Coon for Gone Girl

Other Possibilities: Anna Kendrick for Into the Woods, Vanessa Redgrave for Foxcatcher, Sienna Miller for American Sniper, Gabrielle Union for Top Five, Naomi Watts for St. Vincent, Oprah Winfrey for Selma, Katherine Waterston for Inherent Vice, Imelda Staunton for Pride, Viola Davis for Get on Up, Naomi Watts for Birdman, Reese Witherspoon for Inherent Vice, Julianne Moore for Maps to the Stars, Niecy Nash for Selma, Ellen Burstyn for Interstellar, Kristen Stewart for Still Alice, Rene Russo for Nightcrawler, Tilda Swinton for Snowpiercer


Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Unlikable characters make up the framework for this category once again. For what it’s worth, Searchlight’s push for Belle should give Tom Wilkinson extra exposure – which can only help his cause for Selma.

1. Mark Ruffalo for Foxcatcher

2. Edward Norton for Birdman

3. J.K. Simmons for Whiplash

4. Takamasa Ishihara, a.k.a. Miyavi, for Unbroken

5. Tom Wilkinson for Selma

6. Christoph Waltz for Big Eyes
7. Ethan Hawke for Boyhood
8. Tim Roth for Selma
9. Josh Brolin for Inherent Vice
10. Chris Pine for Into the Woods

Other Possibilities: David Oyelowo for A Most Violent Year, Johnny Depp for Into the Woods, Martin Short for Inherent Vice Domnhall Gleeson for Unbroken, Albert Brooks for A Most Violent Year, Alec Baldwin for Still Alice, John Goodman for The Gambler, Michael Kenneth Williams for The Gambler, Garrett Hedlund for Unbroken, Logan Lerman for Fury, Jaeden Lieberher for St. Vincent, Matthew Goode for The Imitation Game, Michael Peña for Fury, Robert Duvall for The Judge, Charlie Cox for The Theory of Everything, Michael Caine for Interstellar

Will Departed screenwriter William Monahan win the gold again?

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