Loot Crate Partners with QMX On Fan Made Short Film “The Verse”

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Loot Crate is truly a must-own for geeks. I have yet to be able to add the cost to my monthly budget, but it is DEFINITELY on my to do list.

I was lucky enough to have Septembers crate sent to me. This was especially awesome because my birthday was September 29. The crate featured some awesome geek swag. Including an Alien action figure, a fluffy Tribble from Star Trek, Pop Rocks, a Funko Firefly figure and more. I am very impressed at the quality and theme of each crate.

Loot Crate has just announced that they are releasing an awesome Firefly-inspired fan made short called “The Verse”. Keep reading for more information and to check out the film.

Official Press Release:

Loot Crate is proud to announce the official release of “THE VERSE”, a 16-minute short film written for fans and by fans who are inspired by the beloved cult sci-fi series “Firefly”. An exciting new look at this beloved world featuring a new crew, a new ship and a heaping dose of misbehavin’! Executive produced by Loot Crate (, a subscription service for all things geek and gamer, and produced and directed by Julian Higgins. Featuring the talents of Ryan Caldwell, Jennifer Wenger, Zack Finfrock (Fallout: Nuka Break), Peter Weidman, Tybee Diskin, Alex Marshall-Brown, Ewan Chung and Vic Mignogna(Fullmetal Alchemist, Star Trek: Continues).

Loot Crate is producing this film under Loot Crate Original Shorts, releasing in the month of September in celebration of their GALACTIC themed crate which includes licensed and exclusive Firefly items as well as other amazing items sure to delight their existing Looters and new subscribers to their service.

A crucial part of bringing this huge fan undertaking to life has been the close help and support of Quantum Mechanix, the creators of Firefly Online (, who helped construct original models, provided screen accurate props, and acted as advisors and fellow fans to give an extra layer of “shiny” authenticity to the final film.



Meet Captain BRET HUNTER (Ryan Caldwell), a former Alliance navy man gone AWOL, and his ragtag crew and passengers aboard the OVERLAND, a scrappy transport ship on the outskirts of the galaxy and the law. Along for the ride are: CAROLINE STACK (Jennifer Wenger), a formidable bounty huntress and co-owner of the ship. Ships pilot TRAVIS “YOKE” SANDSPUR (Peter Weidman), an old Navy buddy of the captain. RUSTY DUVALL (Zack Finfrock), awkward and genius ships mechanic. MARIBELLE CRAWFORD (Tybee Diskin), a runaway Governor’s daughter and master markswoman as well as JON “CHOW” ZHOU (Ewan Chung), a traveling salesman/conman attempting to make a buck and show his worth on board.

After rounding up ANNIE WHITEHALL (Alex Marshall-Brown), an unlikely bounty wanted for murder, Stack commissions Captain Hunter to deliver the girl to a border planet, but COMMODORE WOODRUFF (Vic Mignogna) may have other plans.

Watch “The Verse”:

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