GOTHAM “Spirit Of The Goat” Recap

Fun. It’s a word we have yet to use to flat out describe fall’s best new show, Gotham. But this week, with the show’s sixth episode, we get to have a little…fun. Thanks in large part to a great Bullock backstory, and two fantastic performances from both the future Riddler, and the man they are calling Penguin. Gordon takes a back seat this week, for the most part, and all that talk of saving the city and so on, is put on the back burner. What’s left is a great outing that tells us more about Bullock, more about Ed Nygma, and one huge reveal to close the episode.

As it turns out, Harvey Bullock actually used to be a real cop, just like his new partner Jim Gordon. In a case long solved decades ago, Bullock found himself this week facing the fact that the killer he had put away in his prime had returned. So Harvey goes on the offensive, digging back into his old case, revisiting his old partner who is now in respite care (and Bullock is paying for everything he needs…who knew he had a heart?!), and of course solving the case one more time by the episode’s end.


And then we had Edward Nygma, doling out information in the form of questions and riddles, and managing to get on just about everyone’s nerves inside the GCPD. Ed even took the time to start reorganizing the Records Dept of the GCPD, which gives us a better look at his psyche: he has OCD, and he may very well be either a high-functioning autistic adult, or have Asperger’s Syndrome. Either way, it lays the foundation for his future as Gotham City’s chief puzzle-maker, sowing the seeds for the riddle man he will become.

By this week’s final scene, things seem to be on the mend in Gotham. Bullock solves the case, Gordon finally commits to open up to Barbara, and for once the good guys can take a breather.

That is until The Penguin shows up at GCPD headquarters.

Long though dead and gone, and murdered by Gordon according to GCPD Internal Affairs, Oswald Cobblepot arrives at police HQ and announces his return to Gotham. Everyone is stunned, and Bullock realizes he has been deceived by his partner, who he long thought put a bullet in The Penguin in the show’s pilot episode. The GCPD is set to explode in the next episode, and I for one do not want to miss it. Why, you ask? Because now Carmine Falcone, Fish Mooney, and the rest of Gotham’s organized criminal element know they have been deceived by Jim Gordon.


Your Gotham Easter Eggs: Edward Nygma’s coffee mug: white with only a question mark on the side – victims with pennies in their neck, a nod to the old Penny Plunderers story and the giant penny that’s always in The Batcave – a news report discussing the Wayne Family’s work with orphans – and IA planning to send Gordon to Blackgate Prison for murdering Penguin, the one prison where so many Bat Bad-Guys end up – and next week: Victor Zsasz debuts!

Fans, are you still high on Fox’s Gotham?

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