GOTHAM Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – “Arkham”

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With the fourth episode of fall’s best new show, Gotham dives into the deep end with the organized crime aspect of the city itself. As Carmine Falcone loses his grip on the criminal underworld, both Fish Mooney and Maroni step in to make a play for more control, with Maroni winning, or stealing, over half of the Arkham contracts awarded by the city that were all initially intended for Falcone. And while this compromise is the middle ground that seemingly avoids a gang war in Gotham, Falcone is sure not to sit idly while others step in and try to force him out. And as Falcone struggles to maintain control, with Maroni trying to take even more than he should, Fish Mooney is sure to reap the benefits as she waits for her turn to strike.

Oswald Cobblepot also gets promoted out of the kitchen by Maroni, and put in charge of the restaurant. And in turn, he uses his new found authority to rip off Maroni and frame Falcone for the job, all the while stealing thousands in cash from his own employer. The Penguin character is really getting some back story with this show, and it’s the right call by the show runners: The Penguin will eventually run Gotham’s criminal empire.

All in all, another solid outing from Fox’s best new fall series, with the episode heavy on plot, and light on the action. Of course there’s more rhetoric from young Bruce Wayne about his parents legacy and so on, but right now he’s just not vital to the show’s overall narrative. Gotham seems to be thickening the story more and more each week, and this can only be expected to continue as the show was just given a full season episode order by Fox executives.

Your Gotham Easter Eggs: As Bullock interrogates Cobblepot in the street, a girl dressed as DC’s magician Zatanna frolics by. Bullock referring to a man he’s interrogating as The Crown Prince, a nod to Gotham’s greatest villain, The Joker. The Arkham City video game is brought to the TV show in the form of a low income housing project and waste disposal site (think Bane, kids!).

Fans, are you still headed to Gotham every Monday night?

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