GOTHAM – Episode 1.2 “Selina Kyle” Recap

With the second episode of Gotham entitled “Selina Kyle,” as a viewer you would expect more than what you were given this week as it pertains to the future Catwoman. With that being said and out of the way, Gotham continues to craft the beginnings of Batman’s home city about as well as can be expected, carried in large part by the skilled cast that has been assembled by Fox and tasked with bringing these iconic DC Comics characters to life.


Someone in Gotham is kidnapping the homeless youth, and therein lies the tie to Selina Kyle: she is an orphaned and homeless youth living on the streets of Gotham. As Bullock and Gordon scramble against the clock to break the case wide open and find the kids that have been taken by the busload, we see more about how the inner workings of Gotham’s political landscape are existing: the mayor of Gotham is willing to lose some of the city’s homeless youth, just not a bus load. Poor Jim Gordon has a long way to go in order to turn the tide around and save this city from the ground up, as we see even the mayor is OK with child trafficking.


For those who are new to the DC lore, The Penguin ultimately runs Gotham’s crime world. As Carmine Falcone and his family eventually fall by the wayside, Cobblepot rises to power, and even the Rogues Gallery that infests Gotham City either work for him, or outside of his grasp to a certain extent…save for The Joker. And this week as Oswald Cobblepot makes his way back to Gotham under the radar, we are starting to see the underbelly of his evil personality coming into the fold: cold, calculating, and just a bit on the edge of unpredictability. The Penguin is not yet the villain and crime lord he is destined to become, but this week he murdered a man in cold blood with little provocation, and took to blackmail to get some money that he desperately needs in order to survive outside of the realm of Fish Mooney and Carmine Falcone.

Gotham is tackling some big issues right out of the gate, including Selina Kyle’s possibly abused past as this week she threatens to claim rape against a GCPD officer if he doesn’t fetch Gordon for her right away. This, along with the homeless youth abandoned by the people of Gotham, are two huge issues the show just isn’t shying away from, and in doing so the groundwork is being laid for a show that’s about more than just Batman’s beginnings.

Your “Selina Kyle” Easter Eggs: Selina tells several members of Gotham to “call her Cat” – Oswald is again referred to as “looking like a penguin” – Bruce Wayne is shown with a sketch that eerily looks like The Batcave – and there are several references to an older, long-closed facility called Arkham.

Fans, are you glad you tuned back in for week 2 of Fox’s Gotham?

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