FURY: One of the Most Intense and Visceral Movies of the Year – Review

We  have seen so many war movies. From Saving Private Ryan which deals with the band of brother relationship that can grow from being in such devastating conditions to Jar Head. A movie….that also deals with the band of brothers issue except by the end Jake Gyllenhal is pretty messed up.. There are also of course movies like Platoon, The Deer Hunter, Letters to Iwo Jima, Flags Of Our Fathers and the deplorable Pearl Harbour. With all these and many, many more, what can we learn from another war movie? Apparently, a lot. Welcome to Agents Of Geek’s review of, Fury.

Fury is set during the tail end of WWII. The Germans have surrendered and allied forces are traversing across Germany to weed out the last of the Nazi forces. Facing horrific scenes of inhumane butchery a group of soldiers find some solace together as a kind of dysfunctional family. Led by their battle-hardened Sergeant, Don “Wardaddy” Collier (Brad Pitt), Boyd “Bible” Swan (Shia LeBeouf), Grady “Coon-Ass” Travis (Jon Bernthal), Trini “Gordo” Garcia (Michael Pena) and newcomer to the team, Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman), these guys are trying to survive hell on Earth.


I would like first of all to get all the bad out of the way; Like all war movies there are the usual skips and beats, there are lingering scenes on destruction, the characters have oddly placed revelations so that they can come across as nicer human beings even though one or two scenes previously it clearly showed that they will go to some incredibly dark extremes and then there is the usual kind of martyrdom that is given. I know that this might seem harsh but these are some of the clichéd elements of not just Fury but of every war movie out there whether based on fact or fiction. Not only that but some of the acting can come across as a little over the top and weirdly enough Brad Pitt was one of the weaker elements for me. It felt like he was playing a more realistic version of Aldo Raine from Inglorious Basterds. It was nothing memorable, and I felt the part of Don Collier could have been played by any actor. It just didn’t feel like he made it his own.

Now on to the fun part. Fury is without a doubt, one of the most intense and visceral movies I’ve seen this year. Almost every scene felt like you were in a war zone, you paid attention to every little aspect. I was constantly on a knife-edge, always fearing what was next for our “heroes”, and that’s what I thought was a highlight in Fury. For the most part, the movie gave equal footing, not every German, not even every Nazi was a monster, and not every American was Captain America. There were monsters and men on both sides and I thought that was handled incredibly well. Fury knew when to pull back from it’s all out war with our senses, showing us scenes that delved into the psyche of each of our leads. Everyone will discuss the intense emotions going through the apartment scene and I know everyone will say how fantastic Lerman was. While though I agree with that statement, the biggest surprise for me came from Bernthal, Pena and especially LeBeouf, who showcased a huge range of emotions, with each clearly being men at different breaking points. As I stated before, LeBeouf was a highlight for me, where every scene that he was in, he seemed to be on the edge, hoping for an end to the horrors he had seen and committed. As well as a stunning supporting cast which included Jason Isaacs and Alicia Von Rittberg, Fury was enhanced by a pulse pounding score, heartbreaking cinematography and excellent touches of detail that history buffs will enjoy debating over.

Being at the Irish Premier I also was treated to a live stream of the London Premier which featured all the stars in attendance. There was also a red carpet where people were greeted by a barrage of costumed soldiers.  I could go on all day about Fury but I’ll end with this, go see it.

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