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DOCTOR WHO, “In the Forest of the Night” Recap

A little girl is running, she’s swinging her arms around her while running, until she gets to the Tardis and knocks on the door. Something that we obviously cannot see is chasing and manipulating her. It’s a little creepy, because we are left wondering what exactly is going on with this adorable little girl. The Doctor opens the door when she knocks and the episode begins.


This episode had a lot of emphasis on children and their imaginations. Did forests ever scare you as a kid when someone told you a story? When trees suddenly appear all over London and the entire world we are left wondering exactly why this is happening and if it’s an alien species trying to attack. The little girl, Maeve, becomes the main focus of this episode. Clara, Danny and a group of kids they were looking after, all join at the Tardis with The Doctor and this is when they find out that Maeve holds the answer to whatever is happening and The Doctor figures this all out, when they look at her school book which has a picture of the sun destroying the Earth. BINGO! She knows something. The date on the picture was also that day, so there’s definitely something up. When she goes missing, The Doctor and Clara, head out looking for her, leaving Danny with the kids. The kids are all very interesting in this episode, especially Ruby, who seems to understand that Clara and Danny are a couple and madly in love so she and the rest of the kids convince Danny that it’s not right for him to let Clara go off with The Doctor, so they head out looking for them.

We get a glimpse of Maeve, who is cornered by wolves, she screams and The Doctor and Clara run after her voice and find her. she opens a gate door and gets next to them and The Doctor tells them to stand still and arms in the air and act like a big monster thing. They jump over the gate and leave. Suddenly they hear more sounds and we obviously figure out that animals came out of zoos, because of these trees growing. Suddenly a lion appears (it was symbolized throughout the episode), The Doctor doesn’t know what to do and they all seem genuinely terrified and suddenly Danny shows up with the kids and flashes a flashlight in the lions eyes and it goes away. Kind of unrealistic, because I’m sure a lion wouldn’t just go away thanks to that, but I could be wrong!!Maeve begins swatting her arms around again, The Doctor becomes determined to get her to talk about what is going on. She says, “I am” when The Doctor asks her who is doing all this. Danny wants to give her, her medication to stop her from doing whatever she is doing, when The Doctor increases the gravity around her, we see a bunch of fireflies. Cute little fireflies just flying all around her. A spooky voice comes over and they find out that these fireflies or whatever have been around forever. These trees are in place to protect the Earth from a solar flare that will most likely erase existence. Clara decides to save The Doctor and tells him to leave and they’ll all be okay. When The Doctor does figure out that the trees are actually safe and helping, he finds Clara, Danny and the kids to tell them. But since the world fears these trees aren’t there for a specific reason and just grew over night, The Doctor decides to send out a note to broadcast all over the world to get them to stop burning the trees. Maeve is the one who delivers the message, since she believes she is the sole reason why any of this happened. She also asks for her sister to come home, who was missing. We then see the solar flare hit and the trees do their job. The Doctor didn’t really need to save anyone, it ended up being Maeve who initially saves the day. At the end, Maeve is reunited with her sister and all is well again. Yay for forests and trees!

This is one of those episode in which you either loved it, or you didn’t. No in betweens. I for one, did love it. It was a mellow episode to lead us into what looks like an epic 2 part finale for series 8! Cyberman sightings!!!! They’re back! Also, Clara says, “Clara never existed” and we see plenty of Missy, so it’s going to be quite an interesting 2 part finale. We also see a few familiar faces, Kate Stewart and Osgood! What’s going to happen? What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

Credit: BBC/BBC America.


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