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CONSTANTINE – Worth The Watch?

DC Comics has been taking over our TV screens as of late and delivering great shows based on their characters, is Constantine one of them? Yes! Constantine has a lot of potential to become a fantastic series. It was a pilot episode that had everything you’d expect from Constantine, minus the smoking, and plenty of demons and crazy stuff in that nature. I haven’t actually read the comics so I don’t know Constantine’s history or anything, but I do have a small understanding of the character from doing quick research.



With this pilot episode, they introduced us to Constantine and everything he’s capable of doing, while also introducing a few other characters as well. Lucy Griffiths, Liv, was a huge part of the pilot, but that was the last of her we’d see on the show because they will be introducing Zed in the next episode and for the rest of the season.

Now, Matt Ryan (who plays Constantine) really embodies what we all want out of this character. He looks as if he walked right out of the comics and onto our TV screens. He has wit, charm, and the power. He delivered a strong and quite powerful performance in this pilot episode and he makes you want to continue to watch. If you aren’t an actual Constantine fan and you’re watching this show out of curiosity, he will make you continue watching. That kind of incredible presence on the screen is enough to sway you into continuing to watch. Harold Perrineau, is also quite a force in this show. He plays Manny, who is an angel, who sort of watches over Constantine and it seems like he will be helping Constantine throughout this season, perhaps this will ease tension and maybe help Constantine get on the devil’s good side? He did damn a young girl to hell, and that has been torturing and tormenting him. Harold Perrineau is a highly underrated actor who has done a lot of great work and even though he wasn’t in a lot of scenes in this pilot episode, he did a have a strong presence and did damn good! The rest of the cast in the pilot was also very great. I think this show is exceptionally casted and I’m looking forward to seeing other characters.

The special effects in the pilot episode were really great! The exorcisms, bugs, fire, demons, rain (that stopped at one point), everything was pretty great. This was one thing I was slightly worried about, because of the nature of the show and how much we’d most likely being seeing throughout the season, so this pilot episode left me confident that it’ll be great all season long. The dark nature of the scenes were done very well too, which included the night scenes that were shot erie and nice. I’ll have to do more reading into Constantine to really understand his story, but in the episode it is revealed that his mother died during childbirth and his dad would call him killer everyday. I was hoping there would be a bit more of a backstory to why he damned a girl to hell, but maybe that’ll be more throughly examined throughout the season. The only thing I did not like about this episode was how rushed the story felt. They introduced the character of Liv rather quickly and all the demons who were after her. I felt like this story needed to be dragged out into two episode, but since Liv is no longer apart of the show, so I guess it’s okay. I think it’ll pick up strong in the next episode and that’ll carry on throughout the season.

Overall, I give the pilot a B! Great cast, special effects, and shots…yes the story was a bit rushed, but like I said they’ll have a new thing starting in the second episode so I expect a huge improvement! So yes, it is worth watching and continuing to watch throughout the season. Make this show apart of your DC Comics show lineup.

What did you guys think of the pilot? Love it? Like it? Hate it? Is he now your favorite master of the dark arts? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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