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Halloween is close now ladies and gentlemen and if you’re not getting a ton of candy, going out in ridiculous costumes or partying with a bunch of pals then you are most likely watching a horror movie so that leads me to Annabelle. An apparent prequel to The Conjuring, Annabelle is set a few decades back and is all about a new mother dealing with supernatural stuff, lets get this review rolling.

The movie starts with mother to be Mia(Annabelle Wallis) getting into a bit of a marital tiff with her husband John(Ward Horton) so as a way to broker peace John gives her a gift which was intended for when their child was born. It happens to be a pure white, rare porcelain doll which Mia needs to complete her collection. I’m going to pause the review here, I need to ask this. Who the hell likes these incredibly creepy dolls, was there actually a period in time when these creepy brides of Chucky were considered attractive toys for girls? They are perfect horror material, so much so that the second that doll showed up I was like, “evil”. Right back to the review, so a horrific event occurs and causes Mia and John to uproot themselves and their fledgling family from the terrible memories and dark energy inhabiting their home.



Have you seen a horror movie recently, like say Occulus or Deliver Us From Evil? Well if you have, prepare to retread some familiar territory. Do you remember some form of object which is possessed or inherently evil like a mirror or a doll? Well prepare to be mildly surprised as Annabelle tries so hard to scare you with some tried and true horror clichés as well as throwing in one or two small innovations which don’t do enough to help the narrative. Did you enjoy the ominous figure that seems to emerge from the shadows even though they were seemingly not there moments ago? Well they’re here again, to give you a jump scare I guess.

Now not all is bad in the world of Annabelle, the acting is serviceable. Wallis and Horton give a convincing portrayal of a realistic family in this incredibly unrealistic movie. As well as that there are some genuine scares, I could count them on one hand but that’s still impressive with the amount of terrible horrors out there. There is some impressive editing which adds to the tension of Annabelle and there is one or two impressive visuals. What really lets Annabelle down though is the ending, you know from about thirty minutes in how Annabelle is going to end especially as the point is hammered home as Annabelle closes in on its ninety eight minute length. Which reminds me. Annabelle has far too much build up yet not enough of a pay off. I found myself wishing it would just end and that’s bad for a movie just over ninety minutes in length.

Annabelle is not the worst horror I’ve seen but it’s nothing new. There are one or two scenes which will stick with me but the chances are they will have been spoilt for you in the trailer, I was lucky enough not to see a trailer so I was surprised. It’s a movie for the die hard horror fans who are looking for their fix this Halloween season for everyone else just avoid it.

Annabelle is now in theaters.

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