X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Would Have to Recast Jean Grey, Cyclops and Storm

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Writer of the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, Simon Kinberg, says that Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Storm could be recast, but not for the reasons you may initially think.

Today in a Q&A, Kinberg reveals some very interesting plot details about the movie. He says that Halle Berry, James Marsden, and Famke Janssen will not be rejoining the X-Men cast this time around because “If we included some of the original X-Men, like Storm, Jean, Scott, and others, yeah we would have to recast them… Apocalypse takes place a good 20 years before X1, which now insanely was 15 years ago. It would be very hard to do.”

He continued to say, “Halle, Famke, and Jimmy, and others have done such wonderful jobs of bringing those characters to life and they’re so identified, those actors, with the parts now. So it would be a tall task… So, are we going to have to recast? If some of those characters were in the movie we would.”

We’ve already heard rumors that Apocalypse could take place in the 80s, so Kinberg’s statement goes in line with what we’ve hearing.

Earlier this week, Bryan Singer signed on to direct Apocalypse. At confirmation, a small plot synopsis was also released, saying that the main cast would be “joined by a young Cyclops, Storm, Jean and others as the X-Men must fight their most formidable foe yet: an ancient unrelenting force determined to cause an apocalypse unlike any in human history.”

Considering his penchant for nostalgia, it’s likely we will see one or all three characters make an appearance. We won’t know until official statements start streaming out in the coming months.

That said, everything is still be considered up in the air. Whether or not we’ll be seeing these characters at all, at least we know they will have to be played by different actors.

[via Hypable]

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