THE BIG BANG THEORY Season 8 Premiere Recap

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It’s been a long three months since we last saw Sheldon and company, with Dr. Cooper leaving on a railway train, Amy Farrah Fowler beating Leonard senseless because he let Sheldon go, Raj finally getting some action, and Howard and Bernadette hiring Stuart to care for Mrs. Wolowitz. This week in both Episodes 1 and 2 from The Big Bang Theory Season 8 premiere, everyone was back in action, and the show returned as if it missed nary a beat.


The first two episodes of Season 8 were of course full of laughs, but what was interesting was all the dynamic shifting going on with the overall arc of the show itself. Penny has left acting, and her long hair, behind in order to go to work for Bernadette’s pharmaceutical company as a sales rep, an opportunity which Penny nearly blows because she is so terrible at interviewing. After bonding with her interviewer, played by the great Stephen Root (Office Space‘s Milton), Penny is hired and off to begin a new career. It would be nice if the showrunners could move past Penny the Idiot, but for now it’s the status quo and something that will hopefully subside after making great strides with the Penny character near the end of Season 7.

Sheldon returns from his self-imposed exile, having not survived without losing nearly everything he left with, including his pants. He is much more excited to see his best friend Leonard than he is to see his girlfriend Amy, but we can bet that’s due in large part to there being nothing in their Relationship Agreement about having to miss her when they are apart. Sheldon has been making great strides as the central character on The Big Bang Theory, particularly in recent months, but again the show is back to status quo for the time being. And that’s OK; it’s still very funny and very witty.


Rounding out the two premieres we saw Raj settling in to his relationship with Emily, who was noticeably absent from the proceedings. Just the fact that he is now happy and with someone is enough for this fan to rejoice over: for far too long he has struggled to find himself a companion, and I hope this time he has tremendous, long-term luck. And with Stuart the (former) Comic Book Store Owner now caring for Mrs. Wolowitz, he and Howard are at odds and it is fantastically funny with Bernadette caught in the middle. Stuart is becoming Howard’s surrogate step-father, and Howard has no idea how to react, having spent so much of his time without a father figure, and now his close friend is quite possibly about to fill that role.

The Big Bang Theory  is off to a good start. While it certainly feels like “more of the same” thus far, it’s working and you shouldn’t try to fix what’s not broken. We should be looking forward to many, many more changes this season, and Penny’s haircut that Sheldon cannot deal with is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Fans, did you catch The Big Bang Theory Season 8 premiere?

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