The Best Dragon Con Cosplay of 2014

Dragon Con, a yearly convention held in Atlanta, GA,  is one of the top 10 conventions in the US which means when people cosplay, they go all the way. I’ve been attending Dragon Con for a few years now and each year the cosplay community outdoes itself every time. My favorite thing to do during my breaks at Dragon Con is to just cosplay watch. There are so many beautifully handmade costumes to see that no matter if it’s the same character, you never see the exact same thing twice. I made it my mission to take as many cosplay photos as I did this past year and the above album are my most favorite cosplays I saw the entire weekend. While there was plenty of other amazing cosplays to make mention of, these were the only few I could snag some pictures of. What can I say, Dragon Con gets pretty busy.

Make sure to scroll through the gallery below to see all of our favorite Dragon Con cosplay photos.

The Leftovers Dragon Con Cosplay

What were your favorite Dragon Con cosplays?

All photos taken by me, unless specified otherwise.

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