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SOUTH PARK Recap, “Go Fund Yourself”

I still can’t believe it’s the 18th season. It’s remarkable. But…as we all know…Simpsons did it!

South Park of late has been spotty. It’s my favorite show in the way that Led Zeppelin is my favorite band. It always will be my favorite, even though there are a ton of other shows that I find myself far more interested in these days. But for me, even bad South Park episodes are funny. I get that within the six day timeframe they give themselves to write, produce and edit an entire episode of television, they’ll try to make a joke or statement that will just fall flat. But I always see what they’re going for.  Except for “Going Native” (Season 16, episode 11). That episode was just bad. My wife and I still talk about that.

But this episode was excellent. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen South Park in so long (last episode was December 11th, 2013). If that’s the case, maybe it’s a good thing Matt and Trey stripped the season down from 14 episodes to 10. It keeps them fresh as much as it keeps us fresh.

These are some of my favorite company names:

–       Boner balls…boner forest…dense boner forest

–       barking vaginal belch

–       crotch poopy turds

–       angry clit spasm

–       whooping fart balls

–       lubricated titty burgers


I’ve never donated money to a Kickstarter campaign. It’s not that I expected them to just take my money, say, “fuck you”, and then sit on their asses. I guess it just seemed pointless to give my money for a sticker or drawing in return, knowing that the chance of them ever finishing their project was close to zero. When South Park succeeds in making a statement, they do so by deconstructing their target and repackaging it, layering it with one or three more current events, and revealing how much bullshit it is. In this case they’ve succeeded. Not only that, they’ve made several statements at once and it never felt didactic. It was fun. And that’s the final element that makes a successful statement episode.

They took on the pointlessness of crowd funding, the inherent racism of the Redskins name and logo, and Roger Goodell’s ineptitude. I’ve been disgusted by the NFL of late. I’m an ardent fan of professional football, but lately, it’s difficult to reconcile what’s been going on with my fandom. To say nothing of the fact that I’m a Vikings fan. In that, I’m sort of relieved Matt and Trey let the whole Adrian Peterson thing slide as they referenced Ray Rice a couple of times. Despite these new scandals, they spent the majority of their time focusing in on a longstanding controversy in the Redskins. Then using Goodell’s actual recording and revealing that he’s a malfunctioning robot just about killed me. He hasn’t worked right since the owners bought it.

In this, let’s say alternate timeline, the Redskins trademark has been pulled and Cartman is able to take ownership of it.  Then they bring in ISIS…because of course ISIS would support the use of something as outdated and plain wrong as the Redskins. They never really take a stab at ISIS, but it’s just another very current issue that’s tied in naturally and never distracts from the point of the episode.

I enjoyed Redskins owner Daniel Snyder’s little side-tale of sadness. How he perks up when he hears the news discussing the Redskins, but then slumps in his chair when he realizes it’s the startup Redskins. I laughed when he said, “we have fought eagle and bear”, but then there’s the guilt that kicks in when you realize how obvious that joke is, basing it on the stereotypical speech patterns of Native Americans. I still enjoyed how sad the team was behind him.

Overall, I enjoyed this premier. As far as premiers go, it was certainly an improvement on last season’s “Let Go, Let Gov”. In that, I feel a sense of hope for the coming episodes. I don’t feel like this will be another hit and miss season. But if Matt and Trey expect to fulfill that hope, they need to have a strong Randy episode, a severely messed up Butter’s episode, and maybe another scary dark Cartman episode akin to “1%” (season 15, episode 12).

Let me know what you thought of the premier in the comments below. And feel free to tell me how wrong I am.




–       “Digging in our heels and pissing on public opinion is what the Redskins are about” – Cartman

–       “NFL…Catholic Church…same thing!” – Cartman

–       Cartman had some choice quotes in this episode…

–       “That weird little Jewwy guy…KYLE!”- again, Cartman

–       “I guess we gotta go back to schooooo” – Cartman

–       If Dan Snyder sees this, do you think he might finally give up his fight for racism due to the likelihood of ISIS backing him?

–       Jerry Jones’ eyes are too far apart, aren’t they?

–       In case you forgot:

  1. Start up
  2. Cash in
  3. Sell out
  4. Bro down

–       Again, as a Vikings fan, I’m glad they left Peterson out of this. It’s not that he doesn’t deserve a hearty South Parkian skewering. He certainly does. However, I’m still picking up the emotional pieces here. Plus, I think even Matt and Trey would stay away from making light…in any way…of child abuse. So, kudos to them.

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