SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL Act 5: Makato Sailor Jupiter Recap

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5: Makato Sailor Jupiter is the most important episode so far for character development. We not only get a fourth Sailor Scout but also a lot of new information about already existing characters. Well, let’s get on with it. Spoiler time.

Act 5 starts out with one of the enemies, Nephrite, apologizing to Queen Beryl. He begs her to allow him to make it up, and informs her that he has a plan to play off of a huge weakness that humans have – love. Starting the episode with the enemies seems to be a pattern that was also common in the older anime. Nephrite is one of my favorite villians, probably because of his long pretty hair, haha.


Usagi, zoning out as usual, almost gets hit by a car. A beautiful, mysterious girl appears out of nowhere and saves her. She tells Usagi to be careful. They make this mysterious girl’s rose earrings really noticable in this scene. The animation is really pretty here despite usual animation complaints. I noticed backgrounds and coloring a lot more in this episode, it looks really good. Definitely better than the original Sailor Moon anime, not that I don’t love that for what it was.

At Usagi’s school, her friend shows her a picture of her in a wedding gown and explains that she had to attend a fitting for one because her cousin couldn’t make it. Umino mentions a scary rumor about that bridal shop. He tells them about a “ghost bride” making men disappear. He suggests that her cousin’s husband could disappear too, and all the girls yell at him for being so inconsiderate. Usagi and friends fantasize about being beautiful brides, paying no attention to the spooky rumor Umino told them about. While zoning out, Usagi bumps into someone. It’s that mysterious girl again. For the second time, she tells Usagi to be careful. Usagi recognizes her from before. The girl is in her school but is wearing a different uniform, which a teacher questions her about. She tells him that the uniform for this school is too small for her.
Rumors start flying around the school about this new student having super human strength – and it appears she does. People stay away from her though, and that’s really sad. But sweet Usagi is the first to confront her (and practically beg for her delicious looking food) and they become fast friends. That’s really what I love about Usagi, is that she is always kind and friendly. The mysterious new girl’s name is Makato. She mentions that she is new around her and wants to know where a few things are. One of those things is an arcade, and Usagi loves the arcade.

Act 5 is moving along very quickly, with Makato meeting Ami at the arcade with Usagi. Usagi gives Makato the nickname “Mako-chan” and she said no one has ever called her that before. Ami thinks about how truly amazing it is that Usagi can make friends with anybody. Makato is EXTREMELY good at the Sailor V game and she continues kicking ass until the arcade worker and Usagi’s friend Furu-chan distracts her. I guess he looks a little bit like her past crush. She blushes when she meets him. He mentions the ghost bride rumor to them, and they decide to go check out the shop. When they arrive, they overhear two women talking about the same rumor. They say a mannequin comes alive at night and seduces men. The three girls go to Rei’s shrine to see what she thinks about it. Rei instantly gets a strange sense when she sees Makato. There are two women at Rei’s shrine praying for return of someone. Makato decides all this ghost bride stuff sounds complicated, and decides to go home. Rei tells Luna they they all will be gathering really soon. Luna confirms that she was thinking the same thing.

Later in Act 5, Makato is walking around at night. She sees her old crush, and he says he has to talk to her. He tells her he loves her and she falls for it, becoming his prisoner. This is really a youma enemy. Nephrite is using love to try and draw people in. Tuxedo Kamen sees this and goes to Usagi’s house to get her. Usagi leaves her house with Tuxedo Kamen in her cute pajamas. Tuxedo Kamen is a lot more mysterious in this anime, and it’s strange to me that he knows that Usagi is Sailor Moon so early on in the show. I like where they are going with their relationship, though.
When Ami and Rei meet up with Usagi in the street to fight off this enemy, they are already dressed. Strange. I guess maybe Usagi just goes to bed really early? Anyway, they do a really quick transformation sequence for all three girls. The CG is a bit much here, but it looks alright otherwise and it takes up way less time in the episode than doing all of their full transformation sequences. Less pretty, but more time for action. Nephrite busts out a whole monologue about how love is for fools. Usagi yells at him and tells him it’s NOT for fools. She tells him she hopes to find someone she loves someday, and Tuxedo Kamen is shown while she’s saying this (foreshadowing!). Nephrite attacks her. Makato is having none of this and uses her strength to break out the hold the mannequin bride has on her. Luna throws her a transformation stick and it’s revealed that Makato is Sailor Jupiter. Her transformation sequence is pretty, but a LOT of CG lightning swirls around her. It suits her, but it takes attention off of all the other pretty animation in the sequence.

Sailor Jupiter attacks! She takes care of the whole situation by herself, without Sailor Moon’s help. This is interesting because usually Sailor Moon has to step in the finish off the enemy. Sailor Jupiter’s strength is shown here. Sailor Moon Crystal kept her tiara antenna that appears when she does her lightning attacks. After everything settles down, Luna tells them that now that there are four Sailor Scouts, Sailor Moon is the leader. The Moon Stick appears. Sailor Moon seems shocked at this, but I already thought she was kind of the leader anyway, because she brought everyone together. I don’t like the new Moon stick design. It’s plain. Maybe it just looks bad in this scene, but it just looks very plain to me and not very overly-girly and magical like everything else in Sailor Moon. It looks similar to the old one but it’s just… missing something.


Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 5 Makato Sailor Jupiter was a good episode overall. There was great character development and we got a peek at the moon stick. I’m even impressed that the animation looked so good in comparison to past episodes. ‘Till next time, moonies. What did you think?

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