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REAL GEEK GIRLS: Game of Thrones Superfan, Lexi Knoch

The goal of my “Real Geek Girls” series is to show the world that girls truly can be geeky. For some, that seems like an obvious observation, but there’s always that one person, almost always a guy, who will talk about how girls are fake geeks who don’t know what they’re talking. Girls are just doing it look cool and lure in geek guys. They don’t know what it’s all about when it comes to “geek culture” and they’re somehow just there to be admired by geek guys. I’m here to let the world know that girls DO know what we’re talking about. We can be and we ARE just as geeky as the guys. Every now and again, I’ll interview a new geek girl just to highlight how many of us are out there, how real we are all. We come in all shapes and sizes, and love a many number of geeky things. I’m going to show the world that there are real geek girls, and they know as much, if not more, than the somehow more revered geek guy.

Meet Lexi Knoch! She’s a Game of Thrones superfan who also loves Harry Potter, Russell Crowe and reading. She’s an avid book reader and is currently working on writing her own book. I talked to her about her Game of Thrones book or show preference and many other things. Follow her on Twitter here and check out the interview below:

Credit: Lexi Knoch.
Credit: Lexi Knoch.


In your opinion, what does being a geek mean?

Being a geek means that you embrace what you love. It should never be looked down upon, and it could mean so many different things. You can be a Game of Thrones geek, a car geek, a football geek, or anything. It’s all about what you love and how dedicated you are to it. Whoever said it was wrong to be passionate about what you like obviously never had any hobbies.

There’s always someone out there who thinks women are faking it when they say they are geeks, what’s your take on this?

I don’t understand why there is always such a negative stereotype when it comes to women liking anything. Women can’t like video games, cars, sports, or anything guys like because guys think women do it for attentions. It makes me so mad. I worked at GameStop for two years and I can’t tell you how many times people never took me seriously or didn’t listen to me when it came to games. Or when people are talking football and I try to get in the conversation and I’m just ignored. I think a lot of it is that guys are threatened when a girl likes something that mostly guys like. And my advice to them? Get over it.

It’s a Saturday, you walk outside and get the mail and you see that your Hogwarts acceptance letter has arrived, how do you think you’d react?

I think I would fall out in the street. And pack my bags immediately and never look back!

You’re a huge fan of Game of Thrones, books and the show, what do you love most about the show? Who’s your favorite character? Do you enjoy the books more or the show? Which House would you want to be in?

I am definitely more a fan of A Song of Ice and Fire (the book series) than Game of Thrones, although I love the show, too. I love how closely the show has followed the books as a whole. I know there are some things they have changed, but as a whole they have stuck to it. It also has GREAT acting, and I think HBO is a perfect fit for it. My favorite character is Stannis Baratheon, and I would DEFINITELY be a Baratheon. I love that he sticks to his gun and what’s right, and sometimes he’s at fault for that. But I am a Stannis fangirl through and through.

I’m also one of those book snobs that’s REALLY annoying to watch the show with. I’ve read the series twice, so it’s hard for me to watch the show and not make comments or say what I think what’s going to happen in the future. I’m a part of westeros.org, which is a forum for ASoIaF readers, and there are so many great theories out there. I definitely encourage lovers of the show to check out the books. You won’t be disappointed.

You’re a dedicated fan of Russell Crowe, what’s your favorite role of his? How has he and his wonderful resume of classic roles changed your life?

I don’t think anyone can ever associate me without my love for Russell Crowe. My favorite role will always be Gladiator. His take on Maximus was just fantastic. He’s such a fantastic author, and really puts his all into every role. I also love that he chooses his roles wisely. He won’t just take anything, and I love that.

You’re not only a fan of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, but you like many other shows and books, what are your all time favorite books and shows?

I love anything by Stephen King. This year, I’ve read Mr. Mercedes and Doctor Sleep, his newest novels, and they are FANTASTIC. I love anime as well, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is my favorite, and I even have a tattoo for it as well. I also like Inuyasha, Bleach, Azumanga Daioh, and Cowboy Bebop too.

If you were in an elevator and it got stuck and you were in there for a few hours, who would you want to be stuck in that elevator with you?

Russell Crowe. End of story.

You love history and you love film, would you ever consider a career in film history (being a film historian)?

I would love to have a career in film history. Anything in film would be great, but that would combine my love of history along with film. I also love modern film, too, so I would like to find something that could combine the two.

You’re also into writing, and you’re writing a book currently, what’s the book about?

I’m currently writing two different things. Once I get ideas in my head, I absolutely have to put them down in the form of chapters. So right now I have various chapters for two different ideas. It sounds crazy, but surprisingly it works for me. One of them is your typical overthrow a oppressive government type story, with a strong female lead that is actually a guinea pig of the government. She was raised to be a weapon for them, but a new partner changes her views on it, and she starts working for the other side. This idea has been in play for years. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it, but it’s definitely my baby.
My second one is a run of the mill King and Queen type story. There’s an island divided into a Northern country and Southern country. A queen rules the north and a king rules the south. But a treaty brings the two together, but they find out there’s some snakes who did it. This one isn’t as well thought out as the first. I definitely just write as I go with that one.
I don’t write to make anything of them, I just write to get my ideas on paper. I get these ideas in my head and I just need to write. It relieves a lot of stress and it’s definitely something that makes me proud!

For the girls out there who feel embarrassed to show off their geekiness, what’s your advice to them?

There is NO reason to be embarrassed about who you are or what you love. If you love something, then FLAUNT IT. Who cares what people think? They should be jealous they don’t have as much passion about something. It’s admirable to love something, I think. Also, life is WAY too short to just sit around and worry about what people think. You have to live for YOU. So if you want to learn Elvish, or you legally change your last name to Stark, DO IT. You have a fellow geek’s support! The more support we give to those who need it, the prouder we can become.


Credit: Lexi Knoch.
Credit: Lexi Knoch.


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