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Oscar Watching: No Imitating at Telluride


Best Picture

Imitation took Telluride by storm. Sasha Stone pointed out that the last four winners screened at the fest; if the pattern continues this year, that boils best picture down to the following films that are still, in one way or another, legitimate awards contenders: Foxcatcher, Imitation, Mike Leigh‘s Mr. Turner, Wild, and Tommy Lee Jones’ Western, The Homesman, in which he and two-time best actress winner Hilary Swank star.

Of course, it’s worth wondering whether SPC will throw much – if any weight – behind Mr. Turner. Despite the raves at Cannes and the overdue narratives for Leigh and leading man Timothy Spall, SPC has a bigger prospect in Foxcatcher? Of course, this also leaves room for Stephen Daldry’s Trash, which works, because all of Daldry’s films to date have been nominated for best picture and/or best director.

1. Foxcatcher (Bennett Miller)

2. Gone Girl (David Fincher)

3. The Imitation Game (Morten Tyldum)

4. Birdman (Alejandro González Iñárritu)

5. Unbroken (Angelina Jolie)

6. Boyhood (Richard Linklater)

7. Selma (Ava DuVernay)

8. Interstellar (Christopher Nolan)

9. Trash (Stephen Daldry)

10. Big Eyes (Tim Burton)
11. Mr. Turner (Mike Leigh)
12. The Theory of Everything (James Marsh)
13. Wild (Jean-Marc Vallée)
14. St. Vincent (Theodore Melfi)
15. Inherent Vice (Paul Thomas Anderson)
16. Into the Woods (Rob Marshall)
17. A Most Violent Year (J.C. Chandor)
18. The Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson)
19. Fury (David Ayer)
20. Love is Strange (Ira Sachs)
21. Pride (Matthew Warchus)
22. The Judge (David Dobkin)
23. American Sniper (Clint Eastwood)
24. The Homesman (Tommy Lee Jones)
25. Kill the Messenger (Michael Cuesta)


Best Director

Tyldum gets a huge boost as a result of Imitation’s fantastic Telluride bow. Tim Burton can get in but only if Weinstein pushes the film for more than acting awards – no clue on whether or not that’s happening. Meanwhile, the Birdman raves from Venice give Iñárritu an upper hand.

1. Bennett Miller for Foxcatcher

2. David Fincher for Gone Girl

3. Richard Linklater for Boyhood

4. Morten Tyldum for The Imitation Game

5. Alejandro González Iñárritu for Birdman

6. Christopher Nolan for Interstellar
7. Angelina Jolie for Unbroken
8. Stephen Daldry for Trash
9. Ava DuVernay for Selma
10. Stephen Daldry for Trash

Other Possibilities: Tim Burton for Big Eyes, Mike Leigh for Mr. Turner, Jean-Marc Vallée for Wild, Theodore Melfi for St. Vincent, James Marsh for The Theory of Everything, Paul Thomas Anderson for Inherent Vice, Wes Anderson for The Grand Budapest Hotel, Rob Marshall for Into the Woods, J.C. Chandor for A Most Violent Year, David Ayer for Fury, David Dobkin for The Judge, Ira Sachs for Love is Strange, Matthew Warchus for Pride, Clint Eastwood for American Sniper, Tommy Lee Jones for The Homesman, Michael Cuesta for Kill the Messenger

Who’s on top in the lead acting races?

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