INK Is an Underrated Gem – Retro Review

Indulging myself this past week I watched a few movies that had been anonymously referred to me. Ink happened to be one of them.

The movie starts off with an air of oppression and quickly escalates to a mixture of fantasy and anime (lightly toned mind you). The music is a little artsy but so is the video itself, there is a bit of Matrix style ink_movie_posterfighting ( not the slow mo surround bullet time crap ) but tastefully done and not overdone.  The fighting is what hooked me pretty quick, the story started to evolve and it became a pretty damn good reason to keep watching.


Basically the Storyteller’s in my best estimation are the deliverers of peoples dreams or at least in some way make them manifest inside the head whilst the persons are resting. The ‘Incubi’ are the nightmare delivery crew that for whatever reason not only deliver nightmares but in some fashion feed on the emotions instilled in the people they terrorize.  After an incident where a child is taken by a individual into the ‘through the looking glass dream world ‘ the Storytellers with the help of a ‘Pathfinder’ ( which was honestly my favorite part of the movie ) go on a mission to save the young lady.

( not a huge spoiler because I honestly do not possess an adequate vocabulary to accurately display this movie .. its really a must see )

So all in all, the movie itself was quite spectacular and if you enjoy a little fighting, a great plotline with a subliminal message attached .. I highly recommend seeing this movie ..

Learn more about Ink here.

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