Harley Quinn Smells: DC Introduces A Scented Comic

Everything’s coming up Harley! Or maybe smelling like Harley? Either way, it’s all about Harley.

The ‘Harley Quinn Annual #1’ will be a scratch ‘n’ sniff comic. The comic will have two different versions. The U.S. version and the International version. The U.S. version will have smells that include leather, suntan lotion, pizza and a smell that is referred to in the story as ““cannabisylocibe 7-A.”” Can you guess what that smell will be? Emphasis on cannabis. 

That’s why DC Comics created the International version where the cannabis scent is replaced with the smell of fresh cut grass. Replacing grass with grass; very clever.

Just picture it, a bunch of comic readers smelling the comics just to find the cannabis; like smelling bingo, however finds the smell first wins!

The comic will go on sale October 29.

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Sade Tavarez