GOTHAM Series Premiere Recap

It’s a highly ambitious idea to attempt to tell the tale of rookie cop Jim Gordon and his arrival in the famed Gotham City. There are so very many stories that must be told as producers mine the vast history of DC Comics arguably most coveted franchise. The Fox Network has taken upon itself this monumental task, and if the pilot episode is any indication, they are certainly on the right track. The show is well-paced and solidly-acted, with enough set up in its first episode to hook in non-fans to tune back in.

James Gordon is new to the detective beat in Gotham City. He is paired with an aged vet named Harvey Bullock, who may or may not be as corrupt as everyone else on the GCPD force. The partners are tasked with investigating the infamous murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne, and from there, Fox sets out to introduce us to the villainous underworld that is taking hold of Gotham City, and the one young boy and his butler who have lost nearly everything as a result of a callous gunman.

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Gotham sets up nicely, introducing the idea that we may never find the true Wayne Family murderer, but Jim Gordon will not compromise in his pursuit to uncover the truth. The Falcone crime family set up a patsy to take the fall for the Wayne murders, and in doing so established that the majority of the Gotham police force and the city’s organized crime are both working hand in hand. And we know Jim Gordon will not stand for it.

The show has made a bold statement from day one: it is choosing to tell Gotham City’s story from Gordon’s point of view, and not Bruce Wayne’s, which could be a refreshing change from the decades old comic lore that always follows Batman’s pursuit to clean up his hometown. I’m looking forward to this approach and the week’s that follow, as we look to get a better understanding of how crime runs Gotham, and the struggle Jim Gordon must go through to keep it all at bay as best only he can. For now.


What’s Different From The Comic Book Backstory: Catwoman is not present when Bruce’s parents are killed, but in GOTHAM she bears witness to their murders – Edward Nygma does not work for the GCPD, but in GOTHAM he appears to be a forensic analyst – Fish Mooney is a character created for television, thus The Penguin / Oswald Cobblepot has never worked for her nor is she working for Carmine Falcone.

Your Gotham Easter Eggs: Harvey Bullock asks Gordon to meet him at 4th and Grundy, a nod to the villainous, hulking zombie Solomon Grundy – our young Catwoman is a petty thief with a soft heart for stray cats…and the young man who witnessed his parents brutal murders – Fish Mooney is seen auditioning a comedian in her club, a subtle reference to The Joker’s origins in The Killing Joke story – Alfred Pennyworth is a more stern caregiver, much like his Earth One counterpart – Jim Gordon is engaged to Barbara, a name he also uses for his daughter who will become Batwoman, and then The Oracle.


Fans, how did you enjoy our first look at Gotham?!

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