First Comic Book Hero With Autism

There are times when we can’t convey what we are feeling or can’t get people to listen. So, we turn to comics, a world where pictures does what words can’t.

It’s happened again with a new comic book character in the form of Michael. He is the star of the new comic where he is “a hero with a mathematical mind, artistic gift and an abundance of compassion”.

Face Value Comics is the publisher for this unique comic book character. Of course, this isn’t the first time that comics were used to raise awareness. Another example, was when Hawkeye (issue #19) became temporally deaf. For the whole story, click here. That comic made people feel like they weren’t alone, and it does the same thing with Michael.

The creator of the series, Dave Kot, hopes his books can help people on the autism spectrum better understand the world around them. This is what he had to say about the comic,

“Because some kids with autism may lack sufficient eye contact, they miss subtle cues growing up in life,” Kot said. “This is an opportunity for kids to have a hero like themselves.”

For more info on the comic or about Face Value Comics itself, go here.

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