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DOCTOR WHO “The Caretaker” Recap – John Smith Name Makes a Return

This week on Doctor Who: The Doctor is back to using his human name, John Smith, and this time he’s posing as The Caretaker at Coal Hill School and is  up to something suspicious. In this episode we got plenty of Clara and Danny relationship building all while we get introduced to a Silurian spider looking robot called Skovox Blitzer who sounded sort of like a Cyberman. The Doctor mentions it’s the scariest and should be feared, but I think in order for it to have been very scary it probably should have been much bigger or menacing looking. On to a quick recap (check out last weeks recap here):

*SPOILERS!!!! *River Song voice*

Credit: Adrian Rogers/BBC.

We begin the episode with plenty of random adventures The Doctor and Clara go on that ultimately shows just how complicated her life is looking by trying to maintain a relationship with Danny and not tell him about The Doctor. There’s even a moment when she’s looking into her mirrors and is continuously saying she can’t do this anymore. Danny begins to sense she’s lying about many things, but continues to be okay and doesn’t really confront her about it until later on in the episode. While at Coal Hill School, the staff gets introduced to the new caretaker who happens to be The Doctor…..well…John Smith. Clara gets the “what the hell are you doing here” look and confronts him after the introduction, but he doesn’t really tell her what’s going on. He plants various things around the school which will be used to send the Skovox Blitzer into a time warp hole. We also get introduced to a young girl Courtney Woods, who later gets a trip in the Tardis to take the Skovox Blitzer away into oblivion. She also throws up in the Tardis. Probably the most human reaction to being in space.

Credit: Adrian Rogers/BBC.

In this episode it seemed like the Skovox Blitzer was actually more of a minor character. A lot of the episode focused solely on The Doctor, Clara and Danny. The Doctor finally meets Danny and there’s obvious tension between them, The Doctor seems to think Danny is a PE teacher, but of course he isn’t. At first The Doctor thought, Adrian one of the staff members who wears a bow tie, was Clara’s boyfriend. (Cue the Matt Smith feels!) Then during the moment after The Doctor sends the Skovox Blitzer into a time warp hole sort of thing, the introduction of Danny being her boyfriend begins. Danny pieces together the fact that Clara might not be a human, but she is and insists it’s just The Doctor who is alien. Danny at one moment thinks The Doctor is her father, but that’s quickly debunked. Danny struggles to deal with Clara loving The Doctor in a friend way compared to a lover way, and we also hear Clara say she loves Danny. With all of this being revealed, Danny and Clara promise not to keep secrets from each other and begin to truly tell the truth. Will this make for a few adventures in the Tardis for Danny? He did see the inside, so he’s knows about it.

Credit: Adrian Rogers/BBC.

When it’s parents night at Coal Hill, the Skovox Blitzer comes to the school and wrecks havoc and Danny actually becomes a hero and distracts it so The Doctor can do his usually awesome Doctor things and save the world. Danny really cares about Clara and they seems to be incredibly in love with each other and he is willing to do whatever he can to protect her.

We get a Missy sighting at the end of the episode! The promised lands returns and it’s where a cop ends up. Chris Addison makes a special appearance as the one who greets the cop and shows him this place. We can make out that it seems like Missy only talks to those who encountered The Doctor and since this cop didn’t, he got to speak to the new guy. So what the hell is the promised land? Who is Missy? What’s the Nethosphere? This storyline is not getting the development I feel like it needs. It feels like it’s going to be a huge deal as the series moves along, but it needs more arc. Perhaps even spend some actual time there rather than a few small minutes or seconds. Have you guys figured out what the promised land is and who Missy is?

Credit: Adrian Rogers/BBC.


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