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DOCTOR WHO, “Robot of Sherwood” Episode Recap

At first thought, a episode about Robin Hood seems like it would be way to cheesy, but when I realized Mark Gatiss wrote it…I knew I’d love it. I actually ended up not really ‘loving it’, but I do think the episode has a lot of great moments. Do you believe in Robin Hood? Do heroes exist? Is The Doctor a hero? All these questions are brought about in this episode which was very interesting and could of been incredibly ridiculous, but it was a good episode. This new series of Doctor Who has had a complete shift in the stories and feel of the show that the last few series’ had. Peter Capaldi is bringing it and he’s doing a fine job. If you haven’t warmed up to him as The Doctor yet, give it some time and I’m sure you will.

Credit: BBC America/BBC Worldwide.


( SPOILERS!!!!!! *River Song voice*)

Now for this episode, I’m going to list a few of the main moments of the episode below. One major thing we didn’t see in this episode that we’ve seen in the last few episodes was Missy. The Promised Land was mentioned, but we got no sight of Missy. I’m sure next week will have her coming back. This whole Promised Land and Heaven story arc seems like it’s going to be quite interesting. Even thought she wasn’t physically in the episode, her presence was still there and it felt creepy.

  • Tom Riley as Robin Hood- Tom Riley is one awesome actor and his portrayal of Robin Hood all episode was great. There were moments where it seemed too over the top, but it was still fantastic!!
  • Clara was very keen on her love for Robin Hood from childhood until now and the Tardis landed in Nottingham. Although, The Doctor reminded her continuously that he isn’t real she wasn’t having it. We see this man claiming he’s Robin Hood and his merry men. As soon as The Doctor walked out of the Tardis, Robin Hood shot an arrow at the Tardis.
  • The Doctor immediately notices that everything seems incredibly strange. It’s to sunny and green and everybody is acting a bit weird. Also, he still believes Robin Hood isn’t real and this guy is out of his mind. When Robin Hood is in competition to win the golden arrow, he and The Doctor get into this match of shooting arrows at a target and outdoing each other by splitting arrows in two, The Doctor then blows up the board with his sonic and then it’s revealed that the sheriff’s army of ‘people’ are actually robots. They then take The Doctor, Robin Hood and Clara and put them in a dungeon.


Credit: Adrian Rogers/ BBC America/BBC Worldwide.
  • The Doctor and Robin Hood have fantastic banter back and fourth throughout this episode. The Doctor is so keen on his thoughts that Robin Hood isn’t real and this is all ridiculous and Robin’s laughing is incredibly annoying, but Robin doesn’t care and continues to laugh and annoy The Doctor. It almost sends The Doctor into a psychotic meltdown, then Clara gets taken by the sheriff’s henchmen as the voice of reason, because he was listening in on the conversation and The Doctor and Robin Hood were bickering back and fourth. They, at that moment, didn’t seem like they could be voices of reason. Clara meets with the sheriff and he also tries to make a move on her, which was creepy. (side note: Clara is getting a lot of love this series. She’s been incredibly important, which likely means whenever her run as the companion comes to an end, it’s probably going to be depressing and quite sad…prep yourselves guys!)
  • The Doctor and Robin managed to escape the dungeon and discovered that the Sheriff of Nottingham’s castle was actually the robots’ space ship. It was revealed that it was heading towards The Promised Land and the final scene with it flying away and The Doctor, Robin and Clara shooting the golden arrow at it to give it more gold fuel (the sheriff revealed that the gold they were collecting was meant to fuel the ship) to head to space…then it exploded, but it was still quite a beautiful scene.
  • The robots were actually aware of Robin Hood’s legend and it led The Doctor to believe that perhaps this Robin Hood was actually a fake one to give peasants hope while the sheriff took their gold. At the end of the episode it shows that, perhaps this wasn’t a fake Robin Hood. He’s a hero, and so is The Doctor even if he doesn’t want to believe it. Robin Hood actually kills the sheriff in an epic fight above gold. Like I stated in the above point, they shot the gold arrow and that was that.
  • One thing I nearly forgot to mention, in the beginning of this episode, The Doctor and Robin Hood get into an epic fight with Robin Hood having his sword and The Doctor used a ……spoon.

Robin Hood: “History is a burden. Stories can make us fly.” What did you think of this episode? Any ideas of what The Promised Land actually is? What’s your take on the golden arrow providing fuel? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

Credit: BBC America/BBC Worldwide.


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