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Doctor Who: LISTEN and TIME HEIST Recap

It’s time to take a look at last weeks and this weeks Who episodes, which were completely different from each other. I didn’t get to recap last weeks episode so I’m going to do a quick recap of it and then get into this weeks episode.



Credit: Adrian Rogers/BBC.
Credit: Adrian Rogers/BBC.


One thing that I have noticed about the last two episode is there isn’t really a mention of the promised land, which has been quite a big focus in the first few episodes, I don’t really know if Missy is going to make another appearance anytime soon, but I’d love it if she did. I feel like the promised land is a big deal and to have it not mentioned nearly at all in the last two episodes is a little weird, but it’s Doctor Who….we’re all used to weird ay?

Listen recap:

in this episode, Clara and Danny Pink went through their first date and we were shown just how nervous they both are. Danny Pink turns out to be an important person the entire episode. The Doctor thinks there’s something out there, hiding under beds. Someone or something is there and we hear the ‘listen’. Throughout the episode we learn that his life was actually shaped by The Doctor. He had something to do with it, because of course! Clara’s minor distraction of Danny Pink’s phone call makes them dabble into Danny’s past life, or should I say Rupert, since that’s his real name. “Don’t.Turn.Round” ends up being a huge factor when they meet little Rupert. Moffat has done a great job developing Clara, although she’s been to much of a main focus, she is actually developed much better than back in series 7B. She’s becoming highly important and really helping The Doctor with anything going on. It’s proof that the companions are, as usual, a huge factor in The Doctor’s life. When he can’t save the world or has a hard time doing it, the companions usually help fantastically. We are also introduced to Orson Pink, who by the twist of fate in this episode, could be her grandson? Many minor things happen throughout the episode, but the best parts came when one, she talked to the little orphan kid. Clara provides a sense of safety, she is such a calm person whose voice is so genuine and beautiful. The end of the episode tied into the 50h anniversary special from last year, with a trip back to Gallifrey and the shed where we saw the War Doctor head off to and ends up meeting Bad Wolf. It was a great episode. It was chilling and beautiful, a job well done by Moffat. Oh! We also get a lovely Clara and Danny Pink kiss at the end that I believe will end their awkwardness.


Credit: Adrian Rogers/BBC.
Credit: Adrian Rogers/BBC.


Now for this weeks episode:

Time Heist has a very oceans 11 vibe to it. The Doctor and Clara are brought to the Bank of Karabraxos (before Clara goes on a 2nd date with Danny), which is incredibly unbreachable and crazy. Their memories are wiped and they have absolutely no idea why they are there and they are met by Psi, who is a cyborg hacker human bank robber guy and shape changer Saibra. They are told they have to rob this bank. They have to bring down Ms Delphox and her interesting looking pet, Teller. All throughout this episode they go through many different parts of the bank all while being chased around by Ms Delphox’s army men. We also find out the Teller takes away peoples memories and wipes their bank accounts, and we encounter a moment where the Teller does this and it’s pretty sad. Will The Doctor, Clara, Psi and Saibra make it to the end of the bank and actually rob it? When they enter the room where the Teller is, he latches onto Saibra and The Doctor hands her a special thing that makes her disappear and (die?) if it’s getting to intense, so she uses it. A little later in the episode Psi is forced to use it too, but since he doesn’t have any memories of friends or family, he does it confidently and isn’t sad. It’s quite an emotional moment and it shows a very emotional Clara as well, who was very fond of Psi and how great of a man he is. Towards the end of the episode when The Doctor begins piecing things together and figuring out what exactly is wrong and why they forgot everything, they are brought to Ms Delphox’s office (only to find out her two helpers are actually Psi and Saibra who hadn’t actually died). The Doctor quickly figures out, after realizing the solar storm is going on outside, that he was sent here. When Ms Delphox’s clone (she clones herself and disposes them if they do bad things), leaves The Doctor hands her his number and we are taken back to The Doctors memory of how this whole ordeal came about. An older, hospitalized Ms Delphox calls The Doctor in the beginning of the episode and tells him everything he must do. He also hates the architect. When it all gets resolved, The Doctor drops off Psi and Saibra to their homes after enjoying some food and jokes and laughs, he then drops Clara off too so she can go enjoy her 2nd date with Danny. The Doctor even throws in a smirk and bets Clara won’t have a better date than what they just went through.

A conversation between Psi and Clara that was emotional and showed how great Psi is (he needs to come back again!!!):

PSI:  I was interrogated in prison. And I guess I panicked. I didn’t want to be a risk to the people close to me, so…
CLARA: You deleted your friends?
PSI: My friends, anyone who ever helped me, my family.
CLARA: Your family?
PSI: Of course, my family.
CLARA: How could you do that?
PSI: Well, I don’t know.
 I suppose I must have loved them.


Did you guys enjoy the last two episodes? Think we’ll get an appearance from Missy next week? She hasn’t appeared in a while, so it’s beginning to feel eerie! Leave your thoughts and comments about these episodes in the comments section below!


Credit: Adrian Rogers/BBC.
Credit: Adrian Rogers/BBC.




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